Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My New Swift from The Knit Store on Etsy ... A Review

(c) TheKnitStore on Etsy
This blog post is to serve as my review of my new swift, purchased by my mother as a Christmas present to me.

The item was purchased from TheKnitStore on Etsy.

The reason I have decided to do a review on my blog is because I cannot write feedback for TheKnitStore because my mother is the one who actually purchased the swift.

First, it is important to know that this swift was actually recommended to me by one of my friends from my yarn group. This means that through word of mouth, this seller has really achieved customer satisfaction. My friend really likes her swift and suggested it to me - the cost was just right and it works like a gem.

The swift comes unfinished and untreated and all screwed together in a long stack of wood. The small rods used to hold the yarn are detached from the unit and in a bag. You even get extra pegs, which is very nice! I will say that while the instructions provided were nice, it didn't directly show me how to get the swift unscrewed and set up so I could start swifting (is that what you call it? *laughs*). I fumbled with that a little bit but through logic and general accidental luck, I had my swift set up. It really wasn't that hard, just don't look for the instructions to be as explicit as necessary for the swift newb (such as myself).

Once it was set up, it made sense to me and I have taken it down and put it back up a couple times.

The price was $19.95 USD plus $9 shipping. I really don't think the shipping needs to be that high considering the packaging wasn't that extensive. Now, I'm not saying the packaging needs to be more extensive than it was - it is just wood, but I think the shipping was a little high. Now, in the grand scheme of things, the overall cost really isn't as much as other swifts - so for $30, it is still very nicely priced.

The main reason that this swift is cheaper than others is because its not finished or treated wood. Its just raw pine wood. Of course, some people may turn their noses up at this; however, I don't plan on swifting in adverse weather - in fact, if my swift sees anything more than the craft room and the dining room - well, I'd be shocked. I don't plan on throwing water on it or any other liquid... and I definitely don't plan on leaving it outside on the ground - so unfinished wood is fine with me. I suppose if you are an extreme swifter (if there is such a thing) then finished and treated wood may be more of a necessity.

Now, while the wood is not treated or finished, it doesn't mean that the product itself isn't finished. TheKnitStore was very careful in crafting this item because it is very smooth. They did not slap it together and call it done - the knew the wood would need to be as smooth as possible so it doesn't catch on the yarn or snag delicate fibers. I wound several hangs of yarn on it and not one snag resulted.

So - I give this swift 4.5 balls of yarn out of 5 balls of yarn!

If I could leave feedback on Etsy, I would. I think they have a great product and I would definitely recommend TheKnitStore to anyone for all their swifting needs. Their website is located here.


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