Friday, January 11, 2013

Learning Something New

I have blogged multiple times about how important I feel it is to challenge yourself or adventure into new waters - to learn something new. I like to learn something new, even if its a piece of information, every day. With something like crochet, one should be willing to adventure off into something new at least once a year - to be able to practice it and get comfortable with a new technique or style.... or tool.

I have been eyeballing cro-tatting for a while now and that is definitely going to happen once I can find the right hook. Obviously, I could find them online easily but I figured I'd just piddle around local for a while until I couldn't take it anymore. IE, around April.

But today, as I was reading the blogs I subscribe to in Reader, I saw a post on the Crochet Spot Blog - the sharp crochet hook.

I have seen these hooks before and remembered an extreme interest but no order. I'm not sure what happened there other than mass brain fart.

The purpose of the sharp crochet hook is to act as an all-in-one tool for crocheting edges onto material. Normally, I either do an embroidery chain or work the blanket stitch around first - but this tool should eliminate the need.

I placed my order today. Unfortunate (for me, not the company), due to a high amount of orders, my hook will not be shipped until the 22nd. I can live with that - it will give me time to find some awesome freebie patterns and some awesome cloth items I wish to embellish. I'm actually very eager to get started and count this as one of my "learn something new" items of the year.

With this order you can definitely look forward to a product review later along with some projects using this new tool.

I am not being paid for this - I sought the sharp crochet hook website out on my own, they did not come to me. *laughs* Of course, if they REALLY wanted to give me a free hook in exchange for my opinion, I'd be ok with that too!

*taps chin* hmmmm that would be nice, wouldn't it!

I just wanted to let you all know of my fun little order and give you a head's up that something new this way comes!

Enjoy your day and don't forget - learn something new every day ;)


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