Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Juggling Projects

Oh what a wonderful day - its WIP Wednesday!

It really feels like I haven't made tons of progress on any of my projects and honestly, I've had a hankerin' to cast on some socks.

What is wrong with me?

Regardless of what is wrong with me, I've really been juggling some projects as of late - some of them I think I should have finished weeks ago and others surprise me on just how much progress I've really made.

First up is the Navajo Blanket. I've been working on that bad boy for a while now and really thought I would have been done with it by now - I don't see it being done in the next month! I still pull it out as frequently as I can and add a row or two, but let's face it - it takes 1 hour to do one row and single crochet is not the most exciting of stitches, even if you do throw in the occasional dropped double crochet.

My "work lunch" project is a wrap for my youngest daughter - although I must admit, this thing is getting kinda big so I'm wondering just how feasible it is for an 11 year old. It may default itself to the oldest, that's 25 and has a birthday in a couple weeks.

I don't know. Its not like I'm making serious progress on it either. I tend to only work on it during my lunch hour... but even then, I don't get a lunch every day soooooo time on this is limited. I'm using Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn, which is 100% acrylic yarn, in the pink/purple colorway.

Ok... this is my next piece. It was actually  my "at work" project until .. well, I don't know. *laughs*

I am knitting this in the same pattern and yarn that I made my scarf. I really like it a lot - its just as squishy. I plan on doing a good length of the pattern then join it in a circle. Easy ear warmer, eh?

I would say that I'm about half way done, maybe a little less. I do know that if I took a good hour or two, it would be done.

Now, as if I needed more, I decided to make door hanger baskets for the kids' doors for Valentine's Day - I am thinking I would drop a couple little goodies in them and a note telling them all the mushy mushy mommy stuff I like saying to them.

I'll show you a picture of the one that isn't done yet. I have finished one but I think I'll save them for an FO Friday after they are both done - so most likely not in 2 days, but the following Friday.

I am not using any pattern - I just kinda ... cut and go.

I'm the worst plastic canvas person ever. *laughs*

So that's pretty much what I have actively going on. I have other projects that are half done, but let's be real - if its not active, is it really a "work IN progress"? *smiles*

Thanks for reading! If you like reading this type of post from us yarnies OR if you have your own WIP Wednesday post you'd like to share, do head over to Tami's Amis blog and post in her Mr. Linky!.


mary said...

LOL..I have 3 WIP's for my YOP..and one of them is your manly lapghan.. I ran out of the color I'm using and I have to run and get more tomorrow!

ruthmckeown said...

Love the idea of the hangers and I'll bet they turn out great, who needs a pattern.Love the colour your using for the wrap

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