Sunday, August 04, 2013

Year of Projects 3 - The List

As it turns out, I totally suck at blog deadline dates. Each week in July slid by with me saying "boy, I really should get that Year of Projects 3 list done" ....

Knock Knock

Who's there?

August 4th.

August 4th who?

Point Taken.

That's right. Not only did I miss the original date of the first weekend in July.. I missed July altogether.


So now I am left sitting here feeling the pressure of finishing a list for the next 365 days.... and its a little bit stressful!

So my last post for YOP2 (update 23) was pretty telling in what I finished, and of course did not finish, in my last list. But this isn't exactly my only list... I also posted in January - Yarn Resolutions for 2013.

I did get my queue down basically by moving everything to the library. A cheap move, but hey - it satisfied the resolution made. Now I have a library of ump-teen-gazillion items I will probably never make but... ITS SEARCHABLE! I am trying to be good about queuing up items I really am going to make and moving them in and out at a regular basis. I am also somewhat working well with getting my stash destashed ... with one flaw: as I use up the yarn, I just buy more. I seem to have found the Fountain of Never-ending Sock Yarn Purchases - I drink from that fountain often. BUT I did make a Summer Flies shawl out of some Patons Lace that I had and am working on a lapghan using some Caron yarn I had laying around.

The "blog more" resolution is failing miserably mostly because I'm just kinda 'here' with work and everything else. But that's ok. If I can commit to YOP3, that is at least one post a week.... right? I would also like to get my WIP Wednesday posts going but that means I have to do them on Tuesdays because Wednesdays are just CRAZY around here.... not that you care.

So ... back on track...

My YOP3 list.

In looking at the items I did not do in Update 23 of YOP2, I can safely add the following items to my list:

Navajo Diamonds Blanket (already in progress... so easy to add)
Knit a sweater for The Man (still a goal.... cannot give up on this one even though its easy to procrastinate it)
Knit a pair of spat warmers (Christmas Gift)

Yes... those are the only 3 carry overs. I have decided to take my donation items offline as far as this list is concerned. If I do add them back in, perhaps it will be a different post completely. I want to feel like donating is what I want to do, not something I have to do because I added it to some list. Silly, I know - but yea, I think that works out better for me.

Something else I will not be doing this year is tracking items NOT on the list. I think my posts got a little tedious in trying to track everything I crocheted/knitted for the year... the original list AND additions to the list.

Now I need to add some things to it because three items is a little week for me.

So I offer you, my official YOP3 List (that can be added to if necessary):

Year of Projects Year 3 List
Navajo Diamonds Blanket
Lapghan (Christmas Gift)
1/10 pair of knitted socks (my own patterns)

Knit a sweater for The Man
Knit a pair of spat warmers (Christmas Gift)
Knit a Pair of Mittens (Christmas Gift)
Scrap-ghan (another design other than my extreme granny)
A wrap/vest wearable for me (no pattern selected yet)

Socks Pair #1 finished July 2013 - Finished FINALLY

This post is part of the Come-Blog-Along Year of Projects group on Ravelry. If you are interested in joining or reading other posts from other participants, please visit the group linked here.


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I'm just starting in, too, so at least you're in good company :).

Ruth said...

It is great to have you back. I've missed popping over here each week to see what's been happening. Looking forward as ever to seeing your work.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Welcome back. I have a Year of Projects list and then 'other knitting'. That might be silly too, but whatever works!

You can find me at:

Christine said...

At least you were part of year 2... I dropped off the planet altogether during year two...
This year... It will be different...

Cris said...

Year 2 was hard for me too.. only 23 updates for me

Cris said...

I've been reading your blog :) Always love seeing your work too!

Cris said...

EXCELLENT company :)

Kepanie said...

I think it's all about doing the best you can. One post a week is a start. If you can slip in another here and there, cool, but if not, no worries. It should be fun and organic.

Cris said...

I normally do pretty ok with it but we'll see how it goes :P

Ylva said...

1 post a week is still 1 post a week, and it's all good :) This is my first year joining year of projects, so it's interesting to see everyone's different approaches to their lists and their different kinds of projects :)

Cris said...

I went a bit insane with my statistics the last 2 years so this is a new approach for me (compared to my previous). I do agree though - it is very interesting to see how each participant organizes their list and works through it.

Emma said...

Yay, welcome back! I think the new approach is great, as you don't need to feel like you have to do all the things, you just have a couple of things you can work through at your own pace. And I know exactly how you feel about blogging, I would also love to blog more, but I find myself doing one YoP post a week as well

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