Thursday, August 08, 2013

More Socks YAY

I have been on a sock knitting kick since... well, when I learned to knit socks. For any knitter that has not attempted socks, I would highly recommend it. They are small, portable, and somewhat quick as long as the design doesn't get too intense.

These are plain vanilla socks I made for a co-worker. I didn't get to work on them straight through but if I squished all the time together I probably finished them in about a week (week and a half-ish).

I think the most amazing thing that happened is that as I worked them, the stripes just lined up - and the yarn isn't really what I'd call "self striping" - but I think the sock was narrow enough to allow it to create small dark blue stripes.

Sadly, the photo doesn't do the color much justice because it has a little green in it, some grey, some orange, and of course, the dark blue.


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