Sunday, August 11, 2013

Year of Projects 3: Update 1

Total Items on YOP List: 19
Items Complete: 3

% Overall Complete:  16%

So.. in the last week I added 1 item that I forgot about: Summer Flies Shawl (number 1 and number 2 because I will be making a second). My first Summer Flies update post is here. I really like how it turned out and would recommend it to others who can knit.

I continue to make squares for the Lapghan that is in progress (and is a Christmas gift). I currently have  12 or 36 squares complete. For anyone interested, I'm using a pattern called the Walled Garden Square. I'm joining them with a single crochet into the back loops only and will make up a border when the time comes.

I finished a pair of socks and have another pair on the needles. I am almost done with the first sock so they are going really quickly. Gotta love that. I have decided that I will be making a pair for my mother's fiance for Christmas - those are probably going to be next in line.

I am also considering doing a sweater for my daughter for Christmas which means that the sweater for the Man may not be my first sweater. I don't know - I'm still lulling that one around in my head. I will admit, I'm a wee bit scared of doing a sweater. It is truly intimidating to me at this point - I don't know if my skills are that good or my pattern reading... and many of these patterns have charts. Any words of wisdom out there?

So that's been my week. Sock knitting, lapghan crocheting.... and I know I need to light a fire under my hind end to get the Navajo Diamonds blanket complete.

Year of Projects Year 3 List
Navajo Diamonds Blanket
Lapghan (Christmas Gift)
2/10 pair of knitted socks (my own patterns)

Knit a sweater for The Man
Knit a pair of spat warmers (Christmas Gift)
Knit a Pair of Mittens (Christmas Gift)
Scrap-ghan (another design other than my extreme granny)
A wrap/vest wearable for me (no pattern selected yet)
Summer Flies Shawl #2

Socks Pair #1 finished July 2013 - Finished FINALLY
Summer Flies Shawl #1 finished July 2013 - Summer Flies
Socks Pair #2 finished August 2013 - More Socks YAY

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Ruth said...

Summer flies is really pretty and I love it in the cream. Walled Garden is a pretty square. Love when a pair of socks flies off the needles and am sure it will be no bother to get another pair done for Christmas. I can't help on the reading pattern charts, perhaps you tube might have some handy tips. I don't like charts and use them only when necessary. I'm only now starting to make garments and have started with ones for the children. I tend to go for something that doesn't look like a to complicated pattern so perhaps something similar for a first go ? Hope it works out what ever pattern you decide on.

Marsha said...

If this is your first sweater to knit, I would recommend a top down, raglan sleeve sweater. That will give you an idea of how a sweater is formed. From there you will be able to tackle more complicated patterns. Although, I still love top down sweaters, after the 3 that I have made, I no longer fear set in sleeves or any of the other types that are out there.

Cris said...

AHH ya know - great suggestion! I did buy a pattern off patternfish at the recommendation of a friend in my yarn group. It's a 20 page pattern that breaks everything out .... I had forgotten about it until I read your comment. Thanks!

Cris said...

I am definitely going to be on YouTube when the time comes (and harassing my yarny friends from yarn group hehehe)

Sara said...

You have some great projects lined up on your list, I also think a basic top down sweater would be the way to go for your first sweater knit, it's a much easier option without all those separate pieces and seaming. Summer flies is a lovely shawl.

Lucy Bowen said...

Summer Flies is lovely. I too am going to tackle a sweater in the near future. I have pretty much decided upon Little Gradient by Amy Miller - as it is all in one and she has a group on Ravelry for help if needed!!

Emma said...

Oh, I love the garden squares, that will be a lovely lapghan! And yay for sock knitting, I'm looking forward to seeing them.

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