Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finished FINALLY

I simply wanted to share with you, dear readers, that I FINALLY finished the socks for my mother. I had been working on them for well over a month!

It wasn't an overly difficult pattern and they weren't extremely long (sorry, Mom, you aren't really that tall hence your feet aren't that big) - I just went really slow with the pattern because well... I'm a slow knitter *laughs*

I'm very glad they are done and I'm ready to cast on my next SIP project (socks in progress). This time - they WILL be vanilla socks. *smiles*

The funny story behind these socks is that I mailed my mom her first pair of hand knit socks a few months ago. I knew that once she wore them, she would begin to expect more - and I'm perfectly ok with that. I like doing things for my mom. She is definitely 'craft worthy' as far as I am concerned.

I figured that she would just expect a pair of socks at every gift-giving holiday (Christmas, her birthday, Mother's Day, etc). The surprise is that the next time I saw her, she went to Hobby Lobby with me when I had to pick up something and purchased sock yarn for me and said "make me more socks out of this yarn" - handing me the purple and grey yarn (shown above). I smiled and said "absolutely" and was happy she really enjoyed her first pair. Moreso than I thought she would.

Is there a person that you feel is extremely craft worthy that you'd like to mention? Funny story about someone requesting a certain item? Let me know in the comments! (link to any stories you have posted as well - I will have to approve the comment BUT that's ok!)


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