Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crocheting Concepts

The title of this page may be a little misleading. This page is not about the concepts of crochet - it is about using crochet to visualize advanced mathematical and scientific concepts.

It is a surprise to many when they begin to realize how mathematical crochet is. Crochet can bring advanced, hard-to-visualize concepts to life - and I want to write about them.

Below is a list of posts I have created on this very topic. I chose to make a page rather than a category - so I can explain to the reader what he or she is looking at rather than leave some disappointed that I'm not talking about concepts related to crocheting.

ChaosA crochet model called the Lorenz manifold is used to visualize the movement of chaos as presented with the Lorenz attractor.
CloudsA mathematically correct cumulus cloud is represented using yarn.
Hyperbolic CrochetUsing crochet to visualize the parallel postulate of a nonEuclidean geometric study. Shapes created by hyperbolic crochet are used to create beautiful sculptures representing coral reefs.
Mobius StripCrochet is often used to create "Infinity Scarves" or "Twist Scarves" which are nothing more than a wearable version of the Mobius Strip.