Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The time has come - the comments errors have pushed me to a place where I know that Blogger just isn't going to work for me. I'm packing my bags and strolling over to Wordpress. Of course, with this move, I'm making the title a little more generic to yarn so that I can better order everything around and not feel bad when my posts are dripping with other yarn crafts - not just crochet.

I know I know - my blog. But as particular as I am - I think its just best.

I will be doing all my main posts over on the other site (iyarny.wordpress.com). I will come here occassionally with a reminder post to go read the other site - mostly when I post new patterns.

I need to spend a large amount of time reaching out to third party pages, mostly pattern directories, so have them remove the old link and add the new. I also need to adjust the new site visually to be more "me" and transfer all my patterns to PDF files.

It is going to be a HUGE effort and I hope you choose to pop over to the new site and follow.


Iesadora said...

Added your new page to my Feedly =D Good luck with moving/converting/setting up/hunting down the site with your links!!!!!

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