Sunday, January 22, 2012

Charitable Crochet: 12 for 12 Post #2

Today is my scheduled post in the 12 for 12 Project set up by Kathryn over at Crochet Concupiscence. Click on the link if you are interested in reading more about the project.

The premise of the project is to make 12 separate donations, one to each of 12 different charitable organizations of your choice.

And this .....*queue Law and Order music* ..... is my update.

Alright - pretty good week as far as the 12 for 12 project goes for me. Below is an update (where available) for my progress on each of the charitable causes selected.

1. Knitted Knockers
Website Link
My Pattern
I have not made anymore knockers to date. I want a couple of things to happen before I continue to make more.

1) I need to get my arse to Walmart with my bag-o-boobs so I can see how they look in the bra for the cup size made. I need to make sure my pattern is somewhat accurate and considering I do not have 4 different bra sizes myself, I need to use some else's bra - and Walmart seems like a good choice.

2) I want to have a sit down with some local organizations that may want the faux boobs. I have sent an email to a local hospital and a local women's health center. Both are known for treating cancer so I'm sure they have women who have had their breast (or breasts) removed. I want to sit down with them, show them what I have made, and figure out if it is something they are interested in. If it is, great! We can figure out a donation method (make and drop off, wait for an order, etc). If they are not interested, then I will ship what I have made off to the knitted knockers project since I know they have places they can give them.

So that's my update. I don't think I'll be getting to a donation this month, but we shall see.

Made 4 / Donated 0

2. Special Olympics Scarf Project
Website Link
My intentions to get to work on scarves for this project have been twarted (yea, I found use of the word YAY) multiple times over the last couple weeks. I am not giving up hope though! I have one scarf about halfway done and bought yarn for 2 more.

Made 0 / Donated 0

3. Sunshine International Blankets of Love (SIBOL)
Website Link
OK - plugging right along on my SIBOL squares. I do have a little bit of an update though. I originally thought I was going to do the 25 joined squares and make the blanket. But now I'm seeing other squares being donated and am wondering if a blanket made of all the same squares is really what they are looking for - I'm thinking no.

So what I planning on doing now is making a bunch of the square I am making (cabled heart pattern) in all sorts of colors. I'm going to box them up, not joined together, and send them off. I'm sure I'll be sending off way more squares then what is needed for 1 blanket. Then I'll drop a note in to say she can join them to make a single blanket or use them as filler squares for the other blankets she has. Either way - I'm sure she'll get use out of them.

So far so good!

Squares Made 13 / Squares Donated 0

4. Hooked on a Cause
Website Link
I've made another decision in who I will be donating to this year. This is a new project brought to me by a fellow YouTuber named bamagirl1582. She felt a conviction to start a charitable giving program for children being treated at the Children's hospital in her local area. While I tend to try and keep my charitable projects local first, I understand the importance of the hospital in her area. According to the blog, this hospital is the 10th busiest children's hospital in the United States. It is Alabama's only level one children's pediatric trauma hospital and is the largest pediatric burn center for children in the Southeastern United States. The number of children this hospital treats has to be high.

So I will be making some squares and some hats to donate. I really look forward to seeing this new project grow.

Hats Made 0 / Hats Donated 0
Squares Made 0 /  Squares Donated 0

5. [to be determined]

6. [to be determined]

7. [to be determined]

8. [to be determined]

9. [to be determined]

10. [to be determined]


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