Sunday, February 12, 2012

Charitable Crochet: 12 for 12 Post #3

Today is my scheduled post in the 12 for 12 Project set up by Kathryn over at Crochet Concupiscence. Click on the link if you are interested in reading more about the project.

The premise of the project is to make 12 separate donations, one to each of 12 different charitable organizations of your choice.

And this .....*queue Law and Order music* ..... is my update.

OK - this is my third post in the 12 for 12 Project.

I am starting to wonder if I'm going to be able to make separate donations to 12 different organizations/projects. I say this because I am getting caught up in crafting for one or two. I want to make a good donation and I know I want to make more than one. Can I make it to 12 different projects without losing quality to any of them or the number of donations I want to do?

I don't know. That, my friends, is going to be a challenge!

1. Knitted Knockers
Website Link
My Pattern
Would you believe I am still waiting to hear back from the cancer center? I think its time for a follow-up call!

Made 4 / Donated 0

2. Special Olympics Scarf Project
Website Link
I finished off one scarf yesterday and have another on the hook. Whatever I have done by end of February is what I will have to donate. I am a little disappointed in myself for not focusing on this project more. Previous years I've donated 10+ scarves - but I figure any little bit will help! I do not know what state I will donate to. My home state had an issue with the blizzard last year so they are reusing those scarves. I think I'll go to the listing, find a state with a March deadline that has the fewest donated scarves and send them there. I'll keep you updated with how many I donate and to where.

Made 1 / Donated 0

3. Sunshine International Blankets of Love (SIBOL)
Website Link
I am making good progress on this one. I am up to 21 squares. She requires 25 for a blanket so my goal of 50 is not so far fetched. I have decided I will not be putting them together. I think she can best use them for filler squares on other blankets she is making. Then she can theme them with the color considering mine are all different colors.

I set SIBOL as the February iYarny charitable giving group so if you want to craft for SIBOL, check out the iYarny group on Ravelry and the chat module schedule listed at the top of the right column.
(over there >>>)

Squares Made 21 / Squares Donated 0

4. Hooked on a Cause
Website Link
This cause is still looking for hat and yarn donations! I am hoping to put together a hat donation by the end of the month and get it shipped out as soon as I can. I will most likely be putting some yarn in the donation mailing as well to help the core people keep crocheting.

Hats Made 0 / Hats Donated 0
Squares Made 0 /  Squares Donated 0

5. Local Animal Shelter(s)
Several animal rescue shelters exist in my city and in the small surrounding towns. I'm hoping to donate 4 or 5 pet beds for cats and small dogs (1 skein projects). Perhaps if they can get more donations for smaller beds, the money spent on those can be consolidated to buy the beds for bigger dogs so every critter wins. I created my own pattern I'm working from (linked here).

I was able to head out to PetSmart today and drop off my first donation. There were three local shelters there hosting pet adoptions so I gave the beds to the first that I saw. This was the APL. I did pick up a flyer for a second group and will be mailing them my next donation. It felt pretty good to give today although I wish I had more. It is not often that more than one organization is at PetSmart on any given day.

Beds Made 4 / Beds Donated 4

Locations Receiving Donations:
Local APL (Animal Protective League) - 4

6. [to be determined]

7. [to be determined]

8. [to be determined]

9. [to be determined]

10. [to be determined]


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