Sunday, February 26, 2012

Charitable Crochet: 12 for 12 Post #4

Today is my scheduled post in the 12 for 12 Project set up by Kathryn over at Crochet Concupiscence. Click on the link if you are interested in reading more about the project.

The premise of the project is to make 12 separate donations, one to each of 12 different charitable organizations of your choice.

And this .....*queue Law and Order music* ..... is my update.

Overall Progress: 1 / 12 donations made. Read on for more details.

OK - this is my fourth post in the 12 for 12 Project.

1. Knitted Knockers
Website Link
My Pattern
Would you believe I am still waiting to hear back from the cancer center? I think its time for a follow-up call! If I can't make contact with them in the next week, I'm going to whip up a few more and send them off to the Knitted Knockers project group. I really wish I could get them donated locally though. *smirks*

Made 4 / Donated 0

2. Special Olympics Scarf Project
Website Link
I finished a second scarf and figure these two will end up being my donation. I will pick up more at the end of the year in the new colors for Special Olympics 2013. I want to get a state picked and get these mailed off in the next week so hopefully, with my next update, you'll see that they have been donated.

Made 2 / Donated 0

3. Sunshine International Blankets of Love (SIBOL)
Website Link
I'm still workin' away at these. They are a quick 20 minute square so always good for take-a-long in the car.

Squares Made 23 / Squares Donated 0

4. Hooked on a Cause
Website Link
This cause is still looking for hat and yarn donations! I am hoping to put together a hat donation by the end of March and get it shipped out as soon as I can. I will most likely be putting some yarn in the donation mailing as well to help the core people keep crocheting.

Hats Made 0 / Hats Donated 0
Squares Made 0 /  Squares Donated 0

5. Local Animal Shelter(s)
I was able to start making more beds soon. I have bought some more Red Heart yarn to make some beds so when I get a break from working on my afghan, I'll whip out a few of these. I was able to get the pattern up on the blog (check under the Original Patterns category) so if anyone else is interested in making the pet beds, you can do so and get them off to your local shelters.

Beds Made 4 / Beds Donated 4

Locations Receiving Donations:
Local APL (Animal Protective League) - 4

6. [to be determined]

7. [to be determined]

8. [to be determined]

9. [to be determined]

10. [to be determined]


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I want to do a Special Olympics donation at the end of the year too in whatever the new colors end up being. Let's remind each other!

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