Friday, January 27, 2012

iYarny Annoucement

Good morning, blog readers!

I have a couple exciting announcements of all those interested in joining the iYarny virtual yarn group (linked above).

First - we have a new moderator! Peggy, or Little Lambs Crochet, has taken on the responsibility of being a moderator in the iYarny chat group and Ravelry group. She is looking at her schedule now and will be posting a meet-up time soon to expand the times we already have for iYarny....

and speaking of times.....

The current Thursday meeting has changed from a general meet-up to a charitable giving gathering. In addition to this, two more times have been added. Friday night is now Dishcloth Friday and we have a meet-up Tuesday mornings which is hosted by Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence. The exact times are days are shown in the right column of this blog.

I would like to encourage all of you interested to also head over to Ravelry and join the conversations there. The Ravelry group will be a talking place for when we can't all get together in the chat module. There is no need for us to keep missing eachother because of timezone differences and our schedules.

I look forward to meeting and seeing you all!


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