Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The iYarny group was created to provide a virtual yarn group for those who either cannot get to a group or live in an area that does not have yarn groups.

1. You must register at for a free account.

2. Keep it clean (no profanity, pornography, hate, or vulgarity - think PG)

3. You must wear headphones if on camera! If you are not wearing headphones and you are causing feedback/echo, you could be kicked. 

4. If you want to be on camera during the scheduled iYarny Meet-Up time, please be working on some fiber related project.

Currently, the regularly scheduled time for iYarny Meet-Up is Thursdays from 9-10pm EST; however, feel free to use the room anytime you wish for text chatting or video chat.

Please vote on your preferred day and time: click for poll.

If there are any issues or a user is causing problems within the group, please contact me at with a username (if you have one).

A forum on Ravelry exists to support the iYarny group (click here). You must be a registered member (its free) at Ravelry to use this forum. The forum will house announcements, allow for conversation outside of the chat box (to help make sure everyone hears the announcements), and keep track of CALs, KALs, charitable crochet, and give us a place for voting and sharing of ideas.