Friday, January 27, 2012

Knitting Milestone

Well, dear readers, while I know this blog is primarily crochet, everyone is aware that I post other stuff here sporadically - and today is one of those days. I'm not casually posting this - I'm so proud of my accomplishment I wanted to share it with you.

Today - I cast off my first sock. My first EVER knitted sock!

I rushed to put it on. And once it was on, I realized all in one moment why people knit their own socks.

It wasn't just a sock - it was an experience!

I know it may seem a little dramatic, but  truly - the sock is so light and soft and it is made to fit my foot. Having it on feels absolutely wonderful. Here are ten fantastic facts about my new sock:

I started my sock in October 2011. I first mentioned it on my blog on October 23rd - I started them a few days prior on a trip to see my mother and the blog was written after I got home.

I have never done a sock before and I don't know why I decided to do a toe-up sock first. It was a challenge but I really like it and believe I'll do all my socks as toe up from here on out (at least until I fall in love with another method)

I finished the foot portion of a first sock and didn't know how to turn the heel, so instead of stopping all progress, I started a second sock while on a visit with my mother. I did not have a 2nd set of dpn's so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some - and I bought the wrong size!

By the time I figured out I had bought the wrong dpn's (read fact 3 again if you missed it), I already had most of the foot of the 2nd sock done. I decided that I would try to turn a heel on the 2nd sock since I was going to have to remake it anyway. An that, my friends, was an epic fail.

I now know why people knit their own socks.

I did not write anything down and I didn't work from a pattern. I am having trouble remembering how many I cast on, how many I increased too, how many for the foot, heel, and ribbed leg piece. I may be in trouble.

It will most likely bug me that the stripes do not line up with the next sock made.... but I'm still gonna wear 'em!

I went to YouTube to find a video on how to do a nice stretchy bind off for a toe up sock. I found a great video by kyarns. It was easy to understand and I watched it twice before tackling my sock. I didn't even practice on a swatch!

Within seconds of finishing the sock, I had it on my foot.

FACT #10
Within seconds of my saying how wonderful my sock was. My children had already tried it on too. *laughs*


With all that said - I will most likely be casting on my second sock this weekend and will hope to have a pair within the next couple of weeks.

Happy Hookin' (or Knitting, as the case may be!)


Contessa said...

Congratulations!!!  We completed a sock in about the same time line (I started mine at the end of Sept and finished last week). . .  It was my first toe-up, but probably my fifth or sixth sock.  By far, I think toe-up is more difficult than cuff down.

But wow, do I know where you're coming from about being addicted to knitting socks.  I wish I could do them exclusively but I have so many other projects, and so many other addictions, that it's kinda hard to commit to socks.

However, despite the other projects, I cast on a new sock just yesterday. :p

I am envious that your first sock was without a pattern!!!!  I feel like I'll never have enough guts or experience to go pattern-less.

Cris said...

There is just something about how the sock feels and fits that makes it AMAZING - it is like I want to knit socks as fast as possible to share this joy with all I know and love *laughing* crazy, eh? hehehe

As for the no pattern, I think working from a pattern is a LOT harder. I don't know if I could follow it - I'd be scared to go off pattern and be stuck with a gnarled piece of mangled sock nub. LOL

florencefrazier2002 said...

You go girl!  I will try someday to make socks but right now there are so many things I want to make that socks just don't make the list right now.  Great job, it looks fab!

Ruthmckeown said...

Well done you, as someone who has recently knit a pair of socks its a wonderful feeling. Its one Major Happy Dance Feeling, like the scene in singing in the rain, that happy :) As you say its not just a sock its an experience. Do you know what I did after I finished my first pair ? I cast on a second straight away ! lol.

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