Sunday, October 23, 2011

Year of Projects: Week 17

Project Percentage Complete: 59%
Overall Percentage Complete: 61%

Number of Project Items: 27
Number of Added Items: 23
Total Items: 51

I'm posting this later because I was traveling a bit - and mostly because I would prefer to have it fully updated when it posts BUT also because I have took some projects with me and was wanting to push my numbers up in a good way.

I have added a pair of socks to the add list but I have no idea how long that'll be before I finish them. The numbers didn't go up because I removed the "child's scarf in self-patterning yarn" - I decided this yarn is best suited for socks soooooo once I finish the pair I'm working on, my first pair ever, then I'll move on to the pretty self-patterning yarn.

Going out of town this weekend (just got back!) gave me plenty of car time to work on the socks. I started out with only one sock on the dpns but then when I got there, I got to the heel so fast, I decided that I should get another pair of dpns and make the other one up to the heel. The reason being: they are my first pair and I have no clue how to do a heel flap.

I am going to try and decipher the heel flap on a toe up sock BUT if I can't, then at least I was/am making progress. I figure I got enough done, the yarn group ladies can help me if I don't figure it out and I will have spent no wasted time waiting. I'll have 2 socks ready for a heel flap come Wednesday night yarn group.

As for getting things off the list - I desperately need to get my arse to the fabric store to pick up a remnant big enough to line the market bag that has been sitting on my list forever. The finished bag is downstairs just waiting to be lined. I just need to line it.... perhaps I'll put that down as a goal for the next week.... perhaps *laughs*

I was able to finish the shawl that I'm giving to my oldest as an early Christmas present. I was pretty happy to have it done. I just hope it's long enough. She came to visit on Thursday night. I was pleased with her reaction. She genuinely seemed to like it. So, finishing that one item pushed my percentages up and it looks like I'm over the halfway mark for total items and the original list itself. YAY - go me :)

Now I shall leave you with the list. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Project List Items (not complete)
- Filet Market Bag
- Lacet Table Runner [...started...]
- Throw for living room sofa (no pattern selected yet)
- Round Afghan/Throw (potential Christmas present)
- Angel Tree Topper
- 4 pair Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas gift)
- 2 sets Golf Club Covers (no numbers) - (Christmas gifts)

Project List Items (done)
- 3 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (personal use)
- 11 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas)
- Easy Cabled Scarf
- Poncho (early Christmas present)

Added Items (not complete)
- Wristlet Bag (adjusting pattern) [...65%...]
- EnviroTote Market Bag #4 [90% complete]... I really need to line this and get it off the list!
- Angel Hair scarf
- 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
- 4 thread crochet coasters
-  knit socks [started]

Added Items (done)
- Wristlet Bag (making my own pattern)
- Mystery CAL Beach Bag
- 5 Knit Washcloth
- 3 Crochet Dishcloth
- 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
- Ear Bud "purse"
- WW Yarn Runner for  ledge
- Angel Hair scarf

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

Over half way - yay you! Lovely shawl!
Having the yarn ladies there for your first heel flap is a great idea. I really struggled with my first few. I think I ripped and reknit the first one at least half a dozen times. It does get easier!

Cris said...

I think I'm going to do a short-row heel. I tried to work through it a little bit on my smaller sock (in the picture).... you see, I made a newb mistake. After that picture was taken, I realized I knitted once sock on a size 6 and the other on a size 5 *sigh* so I practiced the heel on the smaller of the two. I got the decreasing with wrapping down... but when I did the increase, one side was stronger than the other - IE - it was more defined than the other. Oh well - all in the name of learning, right?

Marsha said...

Look on YouTube for the video by Cat Bordhi called Sweet Tomato Heels.  She shows how to do it with DPN as well as 2 circulars and magic loop.  It is the easiest heel I have ever done and there is no flat to deal with and no way it will every have holes that you have to repair.

Love the socks.  I am envious as I just don't get DPN's.  I try and still go back to the magic loop method.

Cris said...

I just left YouTube looking for good videos hehehe I'll go check this one out too. THANKS!

Sandycrochet said...

Awesome shawl, great fall colors.  Did you already give it to her?  Good luck on heel...socks period. 

A little bit sheepish said...

Your shwal looks great and you have made fantastic socky progress. I find a short row heel easier for toe up socks, looking forward to hearing what you think

Kepanie said...

Fabulous shawl on your eldest.  Love her swagger.

Kate said...

Woo hoo! Great progress. Good luck on the socks too, I'm going to try a pair once I've finished all the gloves.

florencefrazier2002 said...

She certain does seem to like it and it looks good on her!  Kudos for you doing socks!  I'm not brave enough yet.  Like the colorway you are using.

Cris said...

She still proclaims to like it so I think it's a winner :) I don't know if I get kudos yet - I've made some fun mistakes since this post LOL

Cris said...

Thanks! I haven't tackled gloves yet - brave woman!

Cris said...

Oh she definitely has swagger :)

Cris said...

I think I'll be doing the short row - not sure when I'll be brave enough to try something different :P

Cris said...

Yes - I gave it to her last week. It was part of her Christmas but I figured she'd get more use out of it I gave it to her now.

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