Wednesday, October 12, 2011

W is for .... Wonderful

Oh I apologize to my readers now because I am at a loss for time... it seems that this week and the next 2 weeks are going to be atrocious for me and I apologize now.

So let's keep my ABC post simple. W... wonderful. That's exactly what I think of crochet.

How much more simplified can it be?

I have enjoyed the craft of crochet since I was 5 years old - for those of you counting, you need 3 sets of fingers to accommodate the time I've been crocheting. There is just something about sitting down and creating. Either going through someone else's pattern, someone else's design - to get to the same finished product they did however many years ago... or sitting down with yarn and hook and nothing else. There is just something wonderful about what crochet offers.

It is a craft my mother taught me at a very young age that has a) warmed people whilst they slept b) warmed heads, necks, and hands of many during the harsh winter months, c) allowed me decorate my home with whimsical and practical items, d) provided a means for me to show people I care when I give them a hand-crafted gift, e) kept me sane and focused when I needed it most, f) gave me an "out" from the stress and chaos of my regular life and g) allowed me to show strangers that I care by offering them basic life items that they otherwise may not have access too. I'm thankful for crochet. In many ways, crochet changes lives.


florencefrazier2002 said...

Very sweet!  And I agree totally!

Cris said...

:) Thanks!

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