Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Year of Projects 2: Update 16

Project Percentage Complete: 48%
Overall Percentage Complete: 36%

Number of Project Items: 98
Number of Added Items: 67
Total Items: 165

Total Completed Project Items: 47
Total Completed Items: 60

This last week seems to be a blur for me. Going back to work left Sunday to sneak up and run by without my noticing - and now here I am, Tuesday, just getting around to my Year of Projects weekly update.

So this last week left me with finishing my scarf, which is pictured to the right. It has all the qualities of a great scarf: its warm, its long, and its squishy - and to top it all off - its made by me.

I really like the scarf a lot but decided that it wasn't very cool to not have a matching set of *something* - right now I have a green hat with a multi-colored strip, the pink/grey scarf pictured here, and black gloves covered with a brown crochet mit to doll them up a bit. Oh, did I mention I'm wearing a black and white coat? Nothing matches - I'm like a patchwork doll walking into work. So I spent an hour or two looking at hat patterns and mitten patterns before I just decided to cast on the same exact pattern just with fewer ribs - I'm going to knit it and seam it - making it into a headband. I really think its going to look fabulous coupled with the scarf.

No more rag doll for me.. well, aside from the gloves and coat. *chuckles*

I also got started on the poncho for my daughter - the thing is: I swapped out a poncho pattern for a wrap that I found on Ravelry. The main reason I changed it was pretty much that I had started a basic poncho but I really didn't like the way the pattern was working with the color of the yarn. I just felt something more closed with a little flair on the edge would be nice and I stumbled on the Magic Shrug by Coats and Clark. I think it's going to work up nicely. If I remember to do a WIP Wednesday post, then I'll put a picture up of my current progress.

I did add a few small items to my list. They are i-cord snakes knit from scraps of yarn. The pattern was posted on These Little Wagons blog by Kristie.

The blog said it would only take a couple grams of yarn and they were NOT kidding. These were a REALLY fast knit, and I can say that I have never said that before about anything! I ended up making 3. I played with the eyes a little bit and honestly, ended up like just drawing them on with a permanent marker.

The kids like them and I'm pretty sure I'll make some more. I'd probably do them with sock yarn in order to get a thinner tail, but they work ok as is. Thumbs up to that pattern :)

 This week coming I'm going to keep working on the wrap for my daughter and the headband to match my scarf. I have also got a hair brained idea for another afghan and I know I need to work more on the Navajo. Hopefully when I do my next update, preferably on Sunday, I'll have some more progress to share and we'll keep seeing my percentages going up.

Project List Items (not started/in progress)
- Navajo Indian Multi-Color Afghan (gift)
- 17 squares for SIBOL  
- 9 crochet knockers for donation 
- Wrap (gift for the fall/spring for DD2)

- 5 pet beds for donation
- 10 chemo caps for donation
- 2 swiffer covers (for me!)
- Knit a Sweater for the Man
- Knit Wingspan Shawl
- 1 pair spat warmers
- Woven Blocks Crochet Quilt
- Room Shoes
- Amimono Kimono (for me!)

Project List Items (done)
- 33 squares for SIBOL
- 5 knit/crochet cloths for Mom (Christmas present)
- 5 knit/crochet cloths for SIL (Christmas present)
- State Fair Afghan
- Dead Fish Hat (Birthday gift for DS)
- Spidey-colored Round Ripple Lapghan (Christmas present)
- 1 crochet knockers for donation 

Added Items (not started/in progress)
- Tongues of Fire (for me) 
- Headband to Match Garter Slip Scarf (for me)

- Striped Granny Bag (Birthday present for Rabbit)
- Elite Syncopations
- Harry Potter Scarf 
- Blue or Purple Cowl (order from a friend; after the holidays)

Added Items (done)
- Magic Square Potholder
- Boot Toppers (Christmas present)
- 50 Ruffle Scarves
- Striped Scarf (Christmas Present)
- Crochet Clock (Christmas Present)
- House Slippers (Christmas Present)
- Warm Hat with Bill (Christmas Present)
- Stocking Cap (Christmas present)
- 3 icord knit snakes
- My Garter Slipped Scarf (for me)

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ruthmckeown said...

Well done on the scarf and a matching headband will look great. I did like the picture in my head of your patchwork look though. Love the snakes very cute. Looking forward to seeing the wrap

Lynn Walma said...

Those snakes are so cute :) I've got lots of hair-brained ideas, I just wish we all had the time to see where they lead!

kimmery4 said...

If it makes you feel better, I don't match often either! ;) I am looking forward to seeing your poncho too.....

Emma said...

I love the scarf, it's gorgeous and I bet it'll look great with a matching headband

Cris said...

Oh the scarf is SO nice - I haven't finished the headband yet, but yea, I think its going to look great together (then I just have to work on matching mits LOL)

Cris said...

YAY! :)

Cris said...

hehehe I know that feeling too - I just hop all over the place sometimes!

Cris said...

Definitely a bit of a rag doll look - but I get to wear all my favorite things :) The snakes did turn out very cute - kids like them a lot.

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