Saturday, January 12, 2013


Those of you have read my blog for a while: do you remember my posting a picture of several books and some granny squares I got from my brother - things he had stored in his garage from my grandmother? No?

Here, let me remind you...

there... THOSE granny squares.

Well, as I was going through my blog reader, catching up on the evening's posts, I saw my standard "Link Love" post by Kathryn over at Crochet Concupiscence. I love that series from her site as I often find a new blog that I add to my reader. Inside this post was a link to Haken en Meer, which is a blog written in Dutch. Now, I admit, I am not one to frequent blogs written in a language other than one I understand, but by the power of technology, I use the "translate" feature provided by Firefox (which is amazing! Oh, and if you don't use Firefox, she has the "translate" widget from blogger posted in the left column of her blog - no reason to not go).

Well, she posted pictures of her gorgeous, newly-completed granny pillow. I think it looks amazing! Its so bright and delicate - and so.... HEY WAIT!

Yup - that's right, from her pictures, I thought "why don't I make a throw pillow from Grandma's Grannies" - all I really need to do is join the squares and come up with a back for the pillow, which will most likely be a very simply back - black in half double crochet.

Now, I accept that my pillow will be much darker in nature compared to the pictures posted on Haken en Meer because Grandma edged hers in black.

I have already gone through and picked out the ones that were best for the pillow and came up with a layout.

So there you have it - inspired from another, I will have Grandma's Grannies pillow put together soon.... well, I have black yarn around here somewhere.... right?


vikki hooks said...

sounds like a wonderful plan for those granny squares from it

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