Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Credit where credit is due

(c) Crochet with Cris - drawn by my brother
I wanted to step back a moment and really give some credit I hadn't given before... which is kinda surprising.

The credit: to my brother.

My brother is an AMAZING artist. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've posted some of his artwork on my blog before when we both entered a local art show (here, not where he lives *laughs*).

Well, on request, quite a few months ago - my brother created me some images. The image is a ball of yarn with some knitting needles in it, a ball of yarn with a crochet needle in it, and then a ball of yarn with both items. Hmmm there may be just a ball of yarn in there too... somewhere. I asked him to draw them up and he had them done pretty much the same night.

And then he provided me with the image that all I need to do is drag it to photoshop and add the right words - he made my life SO much easier.

You will see these bits of art on my blog. I'm using them with titles of my blog series  and I also featured one on a bag I made at Zazzle called "So Happy Together" - ya know, since I knit AND crochet.

I used his images for my iYarny buttons and banners used both on this site AND on Ravelry.

Its really nice to have simply because I have the original and I can tag them in whatever way I like.

So really, this is just me taking that moment to really THANK my brother for his artwork. I love all of the images.

He's a superstar in my book (always has been... even WITH the "twinkie deals" he never followed through on when I was little LOL).


Beverly Matheson said...

I want one with just the crochet hook cuz I don't knit (not cuz I don't wanna but I just try to use those needles like hooks and that simply doesn't work). LOL!

Cris said...

HA! Too funny :) If it weren't for continental style - I'd probably not be knitting because its TOOOO SLOOOOWWW otherwise :)

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