Friday, January 04, 2013

FO Friday

*stretches arms*

Ahhhhh it feels good to be posting an FO Friday today. Now, I've finished LOTS of items, which you can see with my Year of Projects posts; however, I haven't done an FO Friday post in an awful long time.

My finish this week is a knitting project. I find myself focusing more on knitting since I have the Navajo blanket still on the hook. That blanket sucks so much energy from me that its nice to be holding a different tool in my hand.

The pattern: My Garter Slipped Scarf (ravelry link)

I thought that the pattern worked up very quickly and it kept my attention. It wasn't so complex I couldn't have a movie on while working on it, but I found that my attention was pulled back to the scarf - which is a good thing. When there is interest there is relatively quick progress. It was also a nice easy pattern but it took it one notch above garter and stockinette stitch, which is definitely another plus.

I am a novice knitter and felt accomplished when I was able to make the whole scarf and learn what the stitches on the needle should look like before and after working a row. It gave me a little stronger confidence in my knitting which is nice. I really like how it turned out. I think it looks very nice - while its not difficult at all, it has a sense of "oooo" when you look at it.

I used Encore super wash wool blend. Its so soft and squishy... and WASHABLE! *smiles*

I will definitely be working this pattern up again.

If you are interested in seeing what others have posted for their FO Friday or if you want to share your own, head on over to Tami's Amis blog and dig through the Mr. Linky.


Maria from Cuddle Bug Kids said...

Congrats on finishing a non-crochet project! Awesome!!! Thanks for visiting me over at Cuddle Bug Kids!

Petite Tuques said...

I can still remember that moment of feeling in control of my stitches... I don't feel that way towards crochet yet, but I'll get there some day. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Cris said...

Yea... there was something about really thinking each stitch as I made it to ensure that my cast off wouldn't pucker - I paid MUCH more attention because I really liked the scarf. It is my first "non plain" scarf :)

Cris said...


Andria said...

Your scarf looks great. Yay for knitting!

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