Friday, February 01, 2013

Crocheting My Life Back: Update 3

The Statistics
Current Weight: 298
Weekly Loss/Total Loss: +3/-2

Squares Allowed: 5
Squares Completed: 0

Thoughts on my weekly change
I knew that this week was going to come - I just didn't think it would be so soon. Granted, I have a few excuses but excuses are nothing more than reasons why I didn't do something. I admit. I definitely was teetering with the idea of not posting anything today. Perhaps try to pass it off as "oh I was too busy" just so I wouldn't have to admit a gain for the week. Come back next week with a super loss that would wow everyone.... That definitely would have been easier for me. Admitting this is not easy but there it is.

At least I didn't play it off like it never happened. I feel like a failure... but yup, this is going to happen probably more than I'd like to admit.  Because it is something that is going to happen again and again, I figured it was just best to put it out there. Let you all know its not easy. Let people who are trying to lose weight know that it is going to happen to them too. Its not the end of the world. I'm still breathing and that means I still have the opportunity to begin making good decisions and "just keep swimming" (said in the lovable voice of Dory from Finding Nemo).

I cannot change the past. It has happened - even what happened 20 seconds ago cannot be changed. But I can control how the past influences me and how I choose to go forward.

There was only one factor that I could not control this last week and that's my little monthly friend, which I shall refer from this point forward as Pal - ya know, something a bit more tasteful in case I have a male reader or two.

Anywhoozles, with Pal around, it gave a good way for a host of other excuses. Granted, Pal is not nice. Pal is pretty intense for most of the time its around so exercising is not easy - but while I cannot do the stairs, I could have done something different - and I didn't choose to do something different. I chose nothing over something - that is my fault.

Things I have changed in the last week
This is definitely not a good list. What did I change in the last week that caused me to gain weight.... yea, not a fun list to admit to, but here goes:
- I did not do the stairs
- I did not watch my portions at the majority of my meals. I let Pal be my excuse to eat whatever I wanted
- I did not choose to do lighter exercise efforts to accommodate Pal, I chose to do nothing at all
- I did not even try to control my sodium intake... and I'm hypersensitive to sodium.
- I did not buy the deck of cards like I intended (I find if you don't have them, its easy to say you can't do the work)
- I did not take my dog for a walk even though I wanted to do that more regularly

Things I want to do next week
First and foremost, I have to get back to what little I was doing the week before this past week. If I just go back to the basics, I'll be fine. I'll show a loss. I know if I continue to do what I did this last week, then I won't be successful and I definitely won't be healthy.

Now that Pal is out of the picture at least for the next 3 weeks, I plan on getting my arse back on the stairs at work. I also want to get my dog out for at least 2 dog walks provided the weather isn't frigid.

I have two challenge days ahead of me that I know of. The first will be Sunday. The Man's birthday was on Tuesday. This Sunday is going to be our celebration day for him. I know we'll end up eating lunch AND dinner out and I have to make some decent decisions although I know the temptation will be to pig out. I also know there will be cake and I L-O-V-E cake! I could write a sonnet about cake. Cake is devine! What I need to do is buy a small cake - like.. a really small cake - so then there is less cake in the house for me to be tempted with.


Man I love cake.

The other challenge day is going to be Thursday, the day before my weigh in. I'm going to go on a yarn crawl with some of my friends from yarn group... and we will be eating lunch out. I don't know where they normally go so I don't know the faintest idea of what is on the menu. I just have to keep in mind that I need to try and stay grilled and away from friend foods.

(and yes, I really did type the word friend when I meant to say fried... and realized just what a Freudian slip that really was - DOH!)

Picture Time
No pictures this week as I haven't hit a 10 pound milestone.

Responsing to Last Week's Comments
Again, I just want to tell those who read and comment than I really appreciate your support.

Sara - have you figured out your project yet?

Be sure to read Colletta's Friday Fitness post and offer her up some support as well!

If you are doing a crafting for fitness challenge (regardless of how you are using crafting to represent your health), please post a link to your latest update in the Mr. Linky.  We can support eachother!!!!


Colletta said...

I feel your pain! That is the main reason I decided to crochet for the amount of exercise I do instead weight loss because it is so hard and then I get depressed.

Cris said...

It is VERY easy to get depressed - especially when I see a gain. I would rather just pretend it didn't happen

MaidenJane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like you are on quite a journey - and I know it is so hard. Plan ahead as much as possible - so when you know you are going out with friends, try to have in mind what you might eat or order. That's what is hard for me - the weekends - when we go out or have gatherings. I always do better if I plan out my entire day.

Sara - momwithahook said...

Nope, haven't chosen a project yet - but will put a deadline on it for Sunday 11:59 and write it in my calendar - this way I won't delay. Admitting frustrating results to ourselves is tough let alone the blogosphere so Kudos for that Chris.
Cake is divine isn't it? My husband helps me by not having this in the house. We'll go out on birthdays and celebrations, order dessert out and that's it. That's when I am kind to myself and watching what a put in my body otherwise I indulge.

I'll take a look at Colleta's blog thanks for pointing out her blog.

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