Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Yarn Buddy

Do you have a special yarn buddy? A friend that like to stay close to your side even if you are focused on your yarn?

My yarn buddy is my dog Andrew - shown here, this is the kitchen chair that I frequently sit at when I'm working on my blog or sometimes when I craft (and want to use the computer or watch TV from a good vantage point).

Often, Andrew will come lay at my feet, hoping I use him as a foot rest (and rub his sides with my feet) and ocassionally, he hangs out under my chair.... This was him last week - he was under the chair, relaxing, catching some shut-eye on the rung of the chair I was sitting in. The Man was able to catch a picture of him before Andrew got up and followed me to the other room.

Andrew is definitely my yarn buddy. I love him so.


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