Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What to do with Irish Wool...


A couple years ago my oldest, Rabbit, treated herself to a trip to Ireland as a gift for her college graduation.

On this trip, she brought me home a hank of yarn from Aran Sweater Market from Kerry Woollen Mills in Ireland. The color is "Raspberry Fleck" and seems to have come from Aran Sweater Market - while I do not know much about either of these locations, I do know I have some awesome wool from my oldest that needs to be crafted into something!

That is where you, dear readers, come into play.

I know I want to do something like a scarf or cowl. So I have found the following patterns on Ravelry. What do you think? Any screaming "make a cowl out of that awesome yarn?"


Gola Elos:

Chunky Basket Weave Cowl:

Cozy Drop Stitch Scarf:

I'm asking you to pick a pattern for me!

Do you think any of the above patterns would be good? Post it in the comments. Have a pattern you think is better than any of those I listed above? Leave it in the comments!

I would love to get your input!

(keep in mind I'm more of a novice knitter so I can't have anything toooooo crazy difficult if its knitted)


Heather Prusia said...

All the patterns are pretty (your last two links go to the same pattern; just so you know). The first pattern really catches my eye, I really like the look of those aran stitches and in knit, it doesn't look like it would be as bulky as it might be in crochet. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be very pretty. Take care Chris and Happy New Year to you and your family. Heather

Cris said...

Thanks for the head's up on putting the same pattern twice *DOH* I do agree that I think knit is the way to go with this yarn for that very reason - bulk. The yarn is very heavy so I think knit would do it the best.

mary williams said...

I am with Heather. The 1st one seemed to get my attention, and would look great in raspberry.. The other 2 are fine patterns, nothing wrong with them..just didn't catch my eye.. I had a bad reaction to the drop stitch scarf (the last)..only because I have made it before, and it was a fun knit..but the finished product wasn't what I had could have been poor yarn choice..but I am not fun of drop stitch patterns since then..

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