Thursday, December 13, 2012

Picking up the virtual pen...

I have lulled over the idea of writing another post on my forum to let everyone know that I am actually ok. I'm still here. I'm still crocheting... I did not, contrary to popular belief, fall off the face of the Earth.

But what have I been up to?

Well, as far crocheting goes, I totally dropped the bomb as far as keeping my year of projects list updated. I would like to go go back and get that updated but I have seriously been crocheting the hell out of ruffle scarves for my friend, who does craft shows. Bless her for taking them with her because that money was actually put towards the purchase of Christmas gifts.

Speaking of - I have also been crafting for Christmas. I doubt I will post any pictures until after the holiday simply because there is still that minute chance someone may see their gift - although I doubt it. Here... let's test the theory....


There, my brother will know exactly what that means so if he clobbers me the next time he sees me, I know he reads my blog.

But I have been crafting like a maniac - but sadly, I don't think I'm going to finish the gift for my brother. I'm really rather torn on what to do - do I show him and say I'll give it to him as soon as its done? Do I not say a word and just wait for the next holiday in which it is done for me to give it to him? Do I finish it and wait for next Christmas?

I really don't know what to do.

Although, while typing this out, I am thinking of maybe giving him 4 small bits of yarn - one in each color. Maybe attach a small slip of paper that says "A Promise to Make You Something You Will Love" - .... I don't know. Help! What would you do?

Honestly, its not like its close to done. I'd say I'm halfway there - but the issue is that its not like I have up until Christmas Eve to work - he will be showing up here the Friday before Christmas - so I really only have another week and a handful of days to work on it - and I know I won't finish it.

I can attempt to finish it - but that means I may not finish the scarf I have started for the Man - again. Not gonna tempt fate (the Man - if you are reading this, you had BETTER act surprised, or else!). If I put the blanket aside definitively, then I know for a fact I could finish the scarf AND maybe a few smaller items like a crochet clock and some slippers.

What are your thoughts?

Beyond that - this blog is going to get a lot more active. I really do have good intent at updating it more and getting my list somewhat in order, although I'll admit, the ruffle scarves will probably just be slapped on at a rough 75, because honestly, I know I have done more than 50 but I wouldn't say I have definitely done more than 100 - although its very very possible.

Tonight I will be making 2 more ruffle scarves for an order, but yea - after that I'll most likely focus on the scarf for the Man until I get that done. I really do want that to be finished.

Obviously, pictures will be taken but none will be shared until the gifts have been given.

So because I feel every blog should have pictures, I am going to share something completely random with you - a photo taken by the Man. Ya know.. maybe I should make a blog post about that - the camera I got for $5.

What this camera means that the majority of my project photos should improve drastically compared to what you were forced to look at in previous posts.

This is a picture of our family in the corn maze over the Halloween season. He captured the essence of the corn maze and captured a glimpse of our children in the back. I hope you enjoy!


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