Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Giving

The Man wearing his Illini Orange and Blue Scarf
Tis the Season!

First and foremost, I want to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas (even if a day late) and a Happy New Year (which is not late at all).

This is a post to share all the items I gave for Christmas. I've been ITCHING to share them with you, no pun intended (wool... yarn... crochet... itch? *chuckles)

This first picture is The Man. He is wearing a tube scarf that I knitted. I used the Red Heart Sport colors in orange and navy, which, consequently, are his favorite college team colors. I have talked about this a little bit on blog, I believe, about how he saw the yarn but I didn't buy any. Then every time he went to Joann's with me that they were always out. He was getting bummed. We finally saw the yarn once and I got one skein.... although I had already bought the yarn behind his back and began stealth knitting. I told him I could make him something after the holidays - just to make him think he had to wait. *chuckles* I think he was fairly surprised by it - hmmmm let me ask him!

Cris: Hun, what do you think of your scarf?
The Man: I love it.

C: Were you surprised?
TM: *nods for a polonged period of time* I was indeed.

C: Did you know I was stealth knitting anything with that yarn?
TM: *shaking his head no* No... no idea.

He knew I was making him something for Christmas because I drew his name (I can explain that later for people who don't know what we do at the holiday as far as our homemade gift tradition... but that's another blog post because I have to share the items we made YAY)

Anywhoozles - crafting for The Man is always fun. I like making him things but he rarely asks for anything sooo if I get an opportunity to craft for him - I'll take it.

 The slippers pictured here were not quite done but were finished in time for the holiday gift opening. They were received by my future step sister. Honestly, I didn't think she liked them at first. I definitely don't think she was into the idea of receiving something homemade for Christmas (although I could be way off - I dunno). She looked at them and kinda put them to the side.

But later on, when she decided to get comfortable, she slid them on and then slid across my hardwood floor. *laughing* It was funny and I at that point, I believed she liked them. I really do hope she enjoys them. The pattern was easy to work up and I'm sure I'll be making some more in the near future for my lil tootsies.

A Clock
I crafted a clock for my mother. This is her holding it - of course I had to take her head out of the picture - I'm sure she would not be happy appearing on my blog (even though I've mentioned Mother several times and her inspiration to me and my crafting).

It is tan in color with black markers - and black buttons glued to the face. It keeps great time. It is about a foot in diameter.

I finished this a week or so ago. I was really happy with the result and believe THIS may be the version of the pattern I write up for the blog.

Not pictured:
- Boot Cuffs made for Rabbit
- Stocking cap made for mother's fiance (pictured on DC, but not recipient)
- Billed cap made for future Step Sister (pictured on Squirt, not on recipient)
- Spiderman Throw with grandson (he loved it.. just was movin' so fast I forgot to grab the photo)
- Washcloths for Mother and Sister-in-Law

I think that may be it other than the Navajo Blanket that I am making for my brother, but that one gets its own post. We'll just say it was an emotional response for all.

If you posted on your blog sharing pictures of items you made for others at Christmas, link me in the comments! I'd love to see what you made!

Be well, readers, and God Bless!


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