Thursday, December 27, 2012

Building Traditions

I wholeheartedly believe families need tradition - things that they do that are special to each and every one in that family - to make them feel part of that family. They do not have to be major events nor do they need to be expensive - and this year, our family started a new tradition: handmade gifts.

We decided, about two months ago, to draw names. Each one of us pulled a name from the pile and that was the person we would make a gift for. Now - you could get that person more than one gift, you could get EVERYONE a gift if you wanted - but at least one gift for the person you drew had to be handmade. This is a continuation of something my dad's side of the family did at our family gathering - it was meant to keep things simple although I have to admit, some pretty funny gifts were made. Everyone really liked doing it and I hoped my family would too.

I was skeptical at first with how DC and Squirt would take it - would they take it seriously? Would they try their hardest?

And I was not let down.

The children LOVED the idea and are really eager to do it again for next year. I believe we will draw names tomorrow so we have all year to work on gifts this time. Two months really just was not enough time.

So, I would like to share the results of our tradition with you. There are only four of us that pulled names since Rabbit is out of the house now.

First up, is an item I have already shown. I drew The Man's name and I made him an orange and blue striped tube scarf. He really likes it and I am DEFINITELY sure that it'll keep him very very warm. I was pretty happy to finish it on time (I was beginning to sweat it).

Since I made the Man's scarf, he drew DC's name. The Man has been wanting to get into wood working so he took a shot at making DC a lego box. He decided to use premade items from Joann's but put them together in a way to make them look like a big lego. DC was super surprised to see it and already has it in his room loaded up with lego's and other small toys.

DC drew Squirt's name. He was the only one in the family that stepped out of his normal crafting preferences. He attempted to make Squirt a necklace. The sad thing is - when she opened it (and loved it), she went to put it on and the wire broke! It didn't break in a normal stress point so I think it may have just been  flaw in the piece of wire he had. BUT Squirt, the jewelry making pro, to the rescue: She had a very thin silver chain that she wasn't using and she offered it up to DC. He sat at the table and put all the original beads onto the new chain - now its secure around her neck!

And finally, but definitely not the least, Squirt drew my name.

She gave me this box:

She took a regular jewelry box and gave it a googly eye and fangs! When you open it up, the fangs go up and down too - its ADORABLE. Inside the box was a necklace and pair of earrings. She knows me so well because the earrings are skulls and the necklace has a dragon on it! Her craft work came in the form or wire-working the beads and getting everything put together. I think she did a fabulous job.

I have to say that everyone did a great job on their craft and everyone really liked their items.

So, this is our new Christmas tradition. I hope you enjoyed looking!

Does your family have any special holiday traditions? Do Share (in the comments below).


mary williams said...

OMG..wonderful. I'm impressed by the fun gifts everyone came up with.. blue and orange scarf....denver colors..I'll need one for the upcoming football playoffs!

Cris said...

We had a blast and the kids can't wait to draw names for next year :)

Crafts fromthe Cwtch said...

That is such a fabulous idea - and you all got such lovely things. Wonderful.

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