Sunday, June 05, 2011

FO Follow-up

Well, I am pleased to announce that I actually have my laptop up and running smoothly and the virus is no where to be found. Exciting stuff, eh?

The only "loss" I had was my iTunes library, but fortunately, customer service at Apple has put everything I bought back into my available downloads and they are copying down as we speak. Yippie!

Only 355 more songs to download *laughs*

So now that I can add pictures to my blog, I thought I would share my daughter's snood with you all today. As you can see from the above photo, I had to make her snood black and white. It was not my original intent to make her's two different colors but unfortunately I ran out of white. I kept enough white back for the tie, thinking it would tie it all together, color-wise (and to her head hehehe). In the above picture, she used a cute dragonfly barrette to hold her snood forward.

The back is pretty much the same as mine with the exclusion of 1 row. I figured since her head was smaller I'd need to get to the thicker row faster.

Regardless, the most important thing about this project is that she ended up loving it.

She wore it to school the next day and came home laughing saying "J----- said you had to be old if you made this because only old people make stuff like this."

hmph to J-----!


Debra Yorston said...

It looks very pretty on your daughter.  :)

Andrea Morrison said...

Looks like J--- needs some fiber arts exposure!  I love it!  It's darling on her.  When I first wore my caplet to work all of the nurses ooohhh and ahhhd and said that the caplet has officially returned.  I even had clients at the clinic remarking how sassy it was.  Styles come and go but the attitude and love of the project you wear makes pretty much any piece timeless.  BTW, one of the girls in my daughter's class remarked more than once that my Vera Bradley purse is just like her Grandmas.  Yes, I looked at her mom and said that Grandma must be pretty awesome!

Cris said...

Well, J----- is a little hard on her anyway because he likes her. Seriously though, I do agree - there are some things that are just loved, they are timeless, regardless of who or when they are worn.

Cris said...

Thank you :)

aaa ttt said...

lovely. hugs

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