Friday, January 18, 2013

Not my norm...

I think everyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows that I strongly encourage people to step out of their comfort zone - try something new. I personally like to try something at least daily (even little things count) - but when crafting, I think you should take this plunge every few months.

I admit - I'm inspired and awe-struck by much of the work that the ladies and gent of my knitting group produce. I have some some SERIOUSLY amazing pieces created from tiny little baby clothes to fantastic afghans - the lace work is no exception.

After yarn group this last week, I took a quick trip to Joann's with one of the women from my group. She went straight back to yarn with me (as if there was ever a doubt that would happen) and began rummaging through her favorites. So many of her choices were nothing like my personal preferences - she went for bold colors - even crazier: she went for bold colors that were self-striping - like... bright red that turns to bright yellow and back to a neon green. And even crazier - I know that when she sits down to knit it up, its going to be stunning.

And then I'm left in the "oh, that's pretty - I never would have thunk it - but wow, I'd love something like that" seat.

So while she was pawing through some seriously crazy colors, I saw Patons Lace sitting there... I have admired this yarn before and its not that I'm ever worried about working with such thin yarn - I can do it, I just tend to migrate away from it.

But all the lovely shawls my friends make... they were shoving inspiring me to buy this yarn.

I stood and started at it when I saw something even a little more insane for me - there was Patons Lace Sequin yarn! Yup, the same yarn only with a tiny sequin dotted throughout.

So - I thought Its time to try something new - and this time, its yarn choice. Granted, I didn't go wild in the color department - but I think the sequin are wild enough right now.

Baby steps, right?

I grabbed 2 balls of it and have been looking for a pattern ever since. I want to show off the halo of the yarn and the tiny sequins so it must be delicate. I also want it to be something nice I can wear to work but not so over-the-top fancy that people begin to question my sanity of selecting work appropriate accessories.

I originally thought it should be knit but I did find one crochet pattern that I think would look stunning. I just need to revisit the few patterns I have found and figure out which is the most feasible for me with my current skill set. Obviously, if I go with the crochet pattern I'm fine - if I go with a knit pattern, I increase my risk of getting stuck - but I'm willing to take that chance.

I need to figure out a pattern quick since I'm getting close to finishing the wrap for my daughter.

Any suggestions?


Spinster Beth said...

Have you tried the Ravelry pattern search tool? You can put in what kind of yarn you have and how much ... and then a keyword like "Shawl" or "cowl."

florencefrazier2002 said...

It's good to get out of the box! I have some Noro sock yarn that is begging to be a beautiful lace shawl, but, I am making myself wait until I get my sweater really going. I have a few in my Ravelry Library that I think would work well for that. Let me go take a look and I will come back and post the links.

florencefrazier2002 said...

Ok here are some that I like, for what that's worth, see what you think:

I think most of these are knit except the bottom one.

florencefrazier2002 said...

Ok, the second post didn't post for some reason so I will give you the names and you can look them up on Ravelry:
Frosty Night Cowl-this one is crocheted, Ice Queen-knitted, Lace Capelet-knitted, and Amelia. You can also search free patterns in Ravelry using lace weight yarn. Hope this helps!

Cris said...

Rav is always the first stop for me :) (LOVE that site)

Cris said...

Thanks, Florence!

Crafts fromthe Cwtch said...

I don't tend to knit lace so I can't make any recommendations, but I think this is great. I'm also keen to encourage stepping out of comfort zones (that's why it's the theme of the upcoming knitalong).

Hope you have a great weekend

autumngeisha said...

Love the sparkly yarn! I think it would be a great yarn for a pretty cowl pattern, like the April Showers cowl (knitted).

Faith said...

Wow. If you wanted to knit I would suggest Ice Queen, but I don't know many crochet patterns. Cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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