Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cooking on Pinterest

I admit, I like to delve into Pinterest a little. I don't spend 500 hours a week looking and searching and pinning - but I do end up looking at pins near the end and sometimes, I pin items I really like looking at or may enjoy.

Honestly, up until this last week, I hadn't really entertained the idea of actually going back and making things.

I don't know what did it, but for some reason, I was making chicken noodle soup and it was going to take a little longer... and I thought "oh, why not?" and went straight to my food board.

The above image is a ham and cheese sandwich made on hawaiian rolls with a dijon sauce. It was truly delicious! Everyone in the family really enjoyed these.

So, with that being a big hit - I took it up one more notch. On Tuesday night I made a crushed red potato and a bacon wrapped chicken dish. My youngest daughter made a fruit salad and we had an absolutely deliciously healthy dinner.

These two were a big hit at the table too although I have to say my daughter loved the chicken and thought the potatoes were ok while my son thought the potatoes were awesome and the chicken was ok. Either way - they both ate and I really enjoyed the meal too.

So - I have to say that if you do head to Pinterest and see things you would like to try, give it a whirl!

Is there any particular recipe you got from Pinterest you really enjoyed and wouldn't mind sharing? Post it in the comments! I'd love to add some more recipes to the mix.


florencefrazier2002 said...

I love pinterest and have gotten several good recipes from there. Add me as a friend-Florence Frazier- and browse through my recipes. I also have a board dedicated to knitting and crochet. I've used several of the breakfast recipes and my family has loved all of them.

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