Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year of Projects 2: Update 15

Project Percentage Complete: 48%
Overall Percentage Complete: 35%

Number of Project Items: 98
Number of Added Items: 63
Total Items: 161

Total Completed Project Items: 47
Total Completed Items: 57

Whelp - I had a pretty productive week as far as working on the slip stitch scarf I decided to knit. Granted, while the scarf was going to be for me, the more I work on it, the more it turns into a scarf for my friend, T. I really think she would love it. I would say I'm 3/4 of the way done with it sooooo I suppose I need to figure that out soon, eh? I'll post about it with a picture when I get it done.

As promised, here is a picture of the Navajo blanket as it stands right now.

I have added 3 rows to it since revealing it to my brother on Christmas day. I know its going to be a slow progress item, maybe even slow enough that I use it for one of my State Fair entries. Thoughts?

Other than that, I haven't been at work since December 20th. I do go back this Wednesday so I'm not totally looking forward to that. I like staying up late, sleeping in, and knitting/crocheting whenever I want.

A girl could get used to this.

Project List Items (not started/in progress)
- Navajo Indian Multi-Color Afghan (gift)
- 17 squares for SIBOL  
- 9 crochet knockers for donation 

- Shawl (gift for the fall/spring for DD2)
- 5 pet beds for donation
- 10 chemo caps for donation
- 2 swiffer covers (for me!)
- Knit a Sweater for the Man
- Knit Wingspan Shawl
- 1 pair spat warmers
- Woven Blocks Crochet Quilt
- Room Shoes
- Amimono Kimono (for me!)

Project List Items (done)
- 33 squares for SIBOL
- 5 knit/crochet cloths for Mom (Christmas present)
- 5 knit/crochet cloths for SIL (Christmas present)
- State Fair Afghan
- Dead Fish Hat (Birthday gift for DS)
- Spidey-colored Round Ripple Lapghan (Christmas present)
- 1 crochet knockers for donation 

Added Items (not started/in progress)
- Tongues of Fire (for me) 
- My Garter Slipped Scarf (for me)

- Striped Granny Bag (Birthday present for Rabbit)
- Elite Syncopations
- Harry Potter Scarf 
- Blue or Purple Cowl (order from a friend; after the holidays)

Added Items (done)
- Magic Square Potholder
- Boot Toppers (Christmas present)
- 50 Ruffle Scarves
- Striped Scarf (Christmas Present)
- Crochet Clock (Christmas Present)
- House Slippers (Christmas Present)
- Warm Hat with Bill (Christmas Present)
- Stocking Cap (Christmas present)

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florencefrazier2002 said...

You are my hero! Girl you accomplished a lot! Good for you!

Lynn Walma said...

The Navajo blanket looks great. I've been off work since the 20th too, except that I'm missing it. I just feel like I'm puttering about and wasting time.

sandy said...

Love the blanket, very pretty and it's Buckeye Colors. lol

mary williams said...

The Navajo is a show winner...Thanks for the encouragement on changing to continental knitting..R&R is your friend..enjoy the last of your time off.. Well wishes for you and your family in the new year.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I love the blanket so far - I think it would do great in a State Fair entry. Happy New Year! Best wishes for a wonderful 2013.

kimmery4 said...

I have been off work the same amount of time and am not looking forward to this Wednesday--cause this girl has gotten used to this relaxed schedule! I hope your day back goes well--we start the year with a brand new electronic medical records system--can you say "stress much?" Your navajo blanket is stunning and unique looking --perfect for a state fair entry.
Happy New Years~~~

Cris said...

Ohhh I wish you the best possible, lowest stress return as possible! New systems aren't fun... new systems after 2 weeks of work are less fun hehehe

Cris said...

And to you, Marie! Happy New Year!!!

Cris said...

I have definitely enjoyed my time off - I am hoping to ease back into things but I'm sure it'll be a whirlwind!

Cris said...

Thank you! I don't know about "missing" work but I know I'm not going to enjoy the loads of work waiting for me.

Cris said...

Oh I don't know about that but I do like to try! :) Happy New Year Florence!!!!

Emma said...

The blanket looks amazing, I think it will be a perfect state fair entry. And your project total is amazing for only being 6 months in, you must knit like the wind. Happy New Year!

DeliaKnits said...

The blanket looks amazing.

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