Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blog Maintenance

Having been away for quite a bit, I returned to many new functions within blogger - which is nice. Granted, I could migrate away from the disqus comment box; however, blogger has yet to allow replying to a customized theme - you can use replies as long as your theme is not modified - which mine is... which leaves me to continue using disqus. Its not a bad tool - I'd just like to have it as self-contained within blogger as possible.

Another change you will notice is that I have switched over to Google+. They offered some more functionality, which I really liked - I had a generic Google+ account so I edited it for use with my Crochet with Cris blog - so now I'm "Cris Crochets" over there. YAY. I did add the gadget for being able to +1 the blog (if you feel so inclined). You can also follow me on Google+ if you would like. I did not add the listing of my Google+ Followers simply because I have not put any of the followers gadgets on the blog and I figured its best not to start now. That right bar is awful full as it stands!

I did have the option of a translation gadget but honestly - I don't think all the posts would translate well, especially the patterns. What do you think? Should I add it anyway and hope for the best when people go to use it?

Hmmmm I think that's about all I changed today.

I do plan on trying to update/cleanup my Year of Projects posts. Other than a few items and a kabillion ruffle scarves, I think I have been sticking to my list rather closely - which is kinda odd for me.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!
God Bless,


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