Monday, December 31, 2012

On a Winter's Day

(c) The Man: backyard lanterns (that probably need put away)
I feel somewhat obligated to make a last day of the year post. Many of the blogs I follow have been doing "round up" type posts, sharing images they have posted throughout the year - projects completed... projects in progress. Today for me has been slow and relaxing which is nothing to complain about.

I started my day off with a knitting get-together with some of my friends from yarn group. When I opened the door to head out, I was greeted with a thin blanket of snow. A bit of a surprise - I was just glad it wasn't so bad that I thought twice about headed out to meet my friends.

It was a nice, relaxing knit-filled morning. We ate bagels, drank hot tea (or coffee), and laughed. We had an especially hearty laugh when one of the ladies went into the men's bathroom by mistake. OOPS!

Since it was still snowing when I got home, The Man and I decided not to cut out the limb that fell last week (read as: the instructions on the chain saw we got said do not use in rain or snow... its electric, so it makes sense). I bought a book for Squirt on the Kindle, which she is now curled up reading. My son is doing his "job" of cleaning his room.... he's almost done. In fact, as I'm typing this he came out and got the vacuum. Not sure what he'll spend his afternoon with now - perhaps his Artemis Fowl book? The Man loaded up Battlefield 3 and is enjoying a few rounds of battle.

Me, I am knitting.

(c) The Man: me working on my scarf
I'm hoping to finish the slip stitch garter scarf by evening - it would be nice! Then I have to make a decision on what I'm going to do with it. Do I keep it for myself? Use it as a giveaway for the OWOA blog event? Do I give it to my friend, T?

The Man was pretty proud of the pictures he took of me knitting. He was most "artistically inclined" when he decided to shoot over my shoulder and capture the ball of yarn in the background blur.

He really is getting a feel for his new camera - thankfully! I'm hoping to get to a point where I hand him my FOs and he photographs them for me ... so its one less thing I need to worry about. Well, its that or I have to figure out the camera myself... obviously I'm hoping for option 1. *laughs*

Speaking of the camera - I got him a tripod for Christmas so I'm hoping to figure out a cool way to get the camera set up to do video so I can get my tutorials going again. I haven't posted anything to my YouTube channel in MONTHS and I'd like to get something going as a regular feature... perhaps a weekly installment of *something* - a featured stitch? yarn review? pattern review?

I don't know - but I know that I plan on being much more active on my blog and my videos in 2013.

Hmmmm perhaps I do need a New Year's Resolution post.


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Happy New Year! Have a relaxing eveing!

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