Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday

*stretches arms*

A'right - wow, two posts in one week. Go me!

This post is reserved for WIP Wednesday, although I must admit - I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to post about. The projects I'm currently working on are kinda "secret" - especially the one I am going to go work on when I close the lid of my laptop.

So alas, what do I show you?

Well, first - how about a sneak peak of the Navajo? Its the back side peeking out of the extremely large bag I was given filled with yarn.

I haven't measured it in a while so truly, I have no idea how big it really is. After Christmas, I'll take some full size photos. I'll also measure it and share those with you.

Let's see... what else.

This is a pair of slippers I have made. These will be a Christmas present but I definitely know the future owner does not read my blog.

I saw a pattern on Ravelry and after conceding that the Navajo wouldn't be completed in time to give as a finished item, I figured "why not" - I had some Red Heart "whatever that color is" in my stash and knew I had no plans to use it on anything else. I figured the colors would be good at hiding the little bits and particles we all have on our floors... well, at least I have them. *laughs* The only thing left is to run a ribbon through them so they can be tied. If I don't get ribbon soon, I'll just chain some blue and run it through - besides, the crocheted chain is what is covered in the pattern.

I'm getting ready to go work on the final present I *MUST* have done by Christmas Eve - this isn't much of an update, but its an update nonetheless.


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Heather Prusia said...

Good luck completing your projects in time and thank you for the link to WIP Wednesday. Heather

Michelle said...

Ooooo. I like the color combo you're using on Navajo! Good luck getting the rest of your gifts finished in time for the holiday!!!

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