Wednesday, June 01, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It is another wonderful day and since it's Wednesday, regular readers know it is WIP Wednesday - a time when I lay it on the line of what I'm currently working on. I have a few things going so we might as well dive right in...

Ok - I will have some to post as FO's this Friday; however, I do have a couple more in the making. The reasoning is because I like them. I may consider selling some in my Etsy or ArtFire stores - it all depends on how much I want to keep the ones I make.

Ok - I have another Grandma's Favorite on the knitting needles.... for shame, Cris - for shame! (ok, not really). In all actuality up until this year, I have not enjoyed knitting. Granted, knitting is still not my number one yarn working skill preference; however, I do think that being around knitters in the yarn group I've been going to has given me a little extra confidence with the needles. I will not say it is my favorite, but I will say that I find knitting to be remotely tolerable... although I have not started a sweater so - ask me then how much I like knitting.

Mystery CAL
Ok - this is a first for me. I actively participate over on the Crochetville forums. This Crochet-A-Long, or CAL for short, came about and I thought it sounded interesting enough. Basically, every Friday a bit of a pattern will be posted and you crochet through it and wait for the next piece to be posted the next Friday. You are not told what you are working on - you just do what the pattern says and in the end, everyone should have the same item, just in various colors.

So I hopped into the CAL with both feet, no looking back. I have a few ideas of what the item may be but I'm not going to spoil it. And honestly, if you recognize this picture, I'd appreciate it if you would NOT tell me what it is going to be. No spoilers please :)

So, next Wednesday you will see this again and it should have a little bit more added to it.

This one needs some more attention. I'm about 1/4 of the way done with my first scarf. I need to get crack-a-lackin' on it and started on the next scarf. Truth be told, I'm freestyling the pattern and am having difficulty getting into the winter olympics spirit when it's 90 degrees and humid outside.

Do you think the man would mind if I knocked the air down to 55 and told him to bundle up - I was looking for inspiration?

I'm not exactly sure why, but I have been in the mood to make jewelry. I recently saw a piece done at a local shop and thought to myself "hey - that's crochet!" It didn't take much beyond that for me to start making jewelry. I am in progress on a couple pieces but I find myself "frogging" (can we call it that with wire?) the pieces over and over again. The clasps are giving me the hardest time. *grumbles*

I will be posting my first two acceptable-to-show-in-public pieces in my FO Friday post; however, I'm not sure they are that fantabulous. I was thinking of giving one away to someone as a blog giveaway. I'm so close to having 50 followers so perhaps that may be a nice little giveaway to celebrate once I hit 50. What do you think?

I have actually been so busy the last week I hadn't had a chance to work on the gift. I was rather miffed at this when I realized he was home with us for the three day weekend and I wouldn't be able to pick it up with him here. DOH!

He will be back at work tomorrow so I plan on getting some time in on this Tuesday and Thursday.

No progress. 'nuff said.

If you like reading about WIPs or want to share yours, be sure you swing by Tami's Amis and Ambassador Crochet to check out the link parties.


Kat said...

I have been contemplating snoods for a while now. I have one that I've had for years and every time I see it in my hair holder drawer I think about making one.

I'm intrigued by your project from the CAL. Can't wait to see it finished. :o)

Natalie Howells said...

Wow, lots of things going on! I love the sound of the jewellery :)

Cris said...

You should make one and join the movement to bring the 1850s back :)

Cris said...

If I can figure out the clasps - darn things! I am sure (definitely for sure) that if I can get the clasp on and it look good, then I have a whole new craft experience ahead of me!

Sandycrochet said...

I would not like working on a mystery anything.  I hate surprises, and I need to know what something is, what it's suppose to look like, as often I find patterns written so poorly, some with outright mistakes that I can look at the pictures sometimes and figure it out.  So, maybe you're doing a round ghan, or the round will end up in a square to be used in a ghan.  At least, that's my thought as this time.

Carole said...

I love the idea of a CAL, but not sure if my skills would be good enough to know whether I had done the right thing without a finished project to refer too!

Loving the idea of crochet jewellery, would love to see what you have done.

calophi said...

I have a mind to make some jewelry. I have some crochet cotton thread but no idea what to make with it yet.  I'm too much of a wussy to try anything with wire yet. Can't wait to see your post on Friday!

Janet said...

You have lots of interesting projects in the works.  I've developed a love of Mystery "alongs" lately.  Looking forward to seeing the next step in your CAL.  

Kathleen said...

I love the look of that Mystery CAL project so far!  I have to join one of those sometime.

Affiknitty said...

You have a lot going on, I will check back on FO Friday to see that jewelry!  

Contessa said...

I've been attempting some crochet jewelry myself recently and have met them with relatively little success. It's been frustrating.

I've also been itching to make some snoods - are you working off a pattern for yours?

Cris said...

The clasps are the hard part for me. I can get the fancy part to look really good... and then I have to put a clasp on it *UGH*

As for the snoods, I have an old pattern I used to use and have joined it with a pattern I found on ravelry - basically, I cut out some rows of that pattern and have changed the joins. I will most likely write my version and post it on the blog (free, of course) sometime in the next week or so once I'm done fiddling with it.

Bonhomie7 said...

The Special Olympics scarf project is near and dear to my heart.

Tami said...

Wow, that is quite some list! I can't wait to see pictures of them all once you finish!

ImisswayloN said...

hey cris, thank you for visiting my crazy crochet blog! hey,,,,do you have a favorite crochet edging that you use? i am looking for a good one for a lap blanket in pastels ive done. i thought a lacy one might look better than the ones ive posted. anyway, i think i might try joining this cal thing it sounds wonderful and i love a mystery !!!!! xoxoxoxo

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