Saturday, June 04, 2011

To Frog or Not To Frog... that's not really the question.

It is driving me insane not being able to get pictures into my blog posts because of that stupid virus *sigh* I am still working on it and should be up and going soon. Unfortunately, this only takes a few hours to correct - I just don't have those few hours TO correct it. I'm peicing my time together slowly.


I went to yarn group on Wednesday and pulled out the "secret present" for the man (not much of a secret if he is reading this.. HI HONEY!) ... I'm sure he's not reading this.... nah, he's not reading it.

As I worked through it, my original fears from my the first completed panel were beginning to take shape - the yarn really was too dense for what I was making. Color, texture, type - all variables that play into how the finished piece will look. Well, the color was spot-on and the texture was good... type was ok - but density ... OH SO WRONG.

I pitched the first panel and frogged the panel I had on the hook. I am going to go and grab some more yarn in a week or so. Things at the house are a little hectic and with moving in our near future, why bother bringing more stuff in the house that will have to be moved to the new house. Oh well.

But all is not lost. I got my virus looking up bag/tote patterns. I think I found a good pattern via the safety of ravelry and will be using the dense yarn to make me a new project bag or perhaps a market bag I can use when I head over to the Farmer's Market.

Perhaps I'll even hold off buying the new yarn until I finish my new bag...... *cackle snort laugh cackle HA HA HA HA HA HA*

who am I kidding ;)


Lisa Mills said...

Oh how much space does another thing of year take up? ::giggles:: I'm looking to move sometime before January and will be stocking up on those vacuum shrink-a-doodle bag things - They hold soooooo much yarn!!!

Cris said...

What a great idea on the bags! Right now I keep the majority of my yarn in large baskets so those are easy enough to move. Our close is in 3 weeks..... oh boy!

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