Wednesday, June 08, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Whelp - and here we are again, my friends... it seems like I need to have my fingers pressed together in front of my face like Mr. Burns saying "Excellent, my friends... excellent."

WIP Wednesday, an opportunity for people to dread sharing show off the progress they have not made. I'm one of those people *coughs* in the strike-out text zone *laughs*

I did make progress enough to sell a snood I made so I don't get to share it here. Of course, I didn't take a picture of it either so it won't be posted on FO Friday.... I really did make it though AND I sold it for real money... really, I did!

Mystery CAL progress after Clue #2
I was able to work through last Friday's clue pretty quickly and things seem to be shaping up... I guess. I don't know what I'm making but as far as unknown items in progress are concerned, I think mine is looking pretty darn good. I mean, who's to say it's not!

This is an updated picture of what I have now, after the 2nd working clue. The piece I had last week is the larger piece with several solid rows on it. Then we made 3 more of the floral thingees without all the extra rows added to it. I'm working in Red Heart Soft in the color 'wine.' A lot of people are working their parts in different colors but I booted this project up in Safe Mode with Networking because I didn't want to change colors on something I had no idea where to change colors at. If I like the project when I'm done, I'll most likely go back and make another.

Whatever it is seems to be working up fast... I think.

Just like before - if you know what the item is... don't tell me! I don't want to ruin the surprise!

I still have the same dishcloth on the needles as I did last week. I did add 5 or 6 rows the other night. The biggest difference between last week and this week is I'm showing you a picture of my not-finished cloth.

Well, perhaps less a picture of the dishcloth and more of a picture of the basket. The deal is this: I ran out of project bags. Granted, I only have three - but I ran out of project bags and until I make a bag using the man-present-reject yarn, I'm low on bags. WELLLLLL at some point in my life, when we did some renaissancey stuff at the local park, I had bought a basket to keep my craft stuff in. Well, it was in my room but filled with my daughters strange-but-forgotten crafty stuff. When I emptied her stuff out (into the trash) I thought to myself "Why Cris, what a lovely basket you can use for your quick projects" ... and then it was mine.

Isn't it a nice 'lil basket? I love baskets... its one of my few 'girlie' attributes.

no comment

*shame face*

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Sandycrochet said...

hey 5 rows on the wash cloth is 5 rows!  Some weeks just work out better than others for us.  Good luck, and here's hoping the coming week gives you more

calophi said...

I have no idea what that crochet item could be. Maybe a kettle-cozy? Hmm.  Probably not.  I almost want to join in and make one also. XD

Nicky said...

You didn't get to finish everything you wanted to but I still say great progress.   Thanks for the reminder to start on my special olympics scarf.  :D

Amanda Steves said...

Yes, it is a lovely basket!  Go you for giving it new life.  I have acquired quite a few nice things from my daughter's old room... she doesn't even remember them.  Heh.

Tami said...

You crack me up! All your projects you have pictured look awesome! That's okay when you haven't gotten much done. We all have those days/weeks. :)

ash_lei said...

I'm slacking on my projects too, I just run out of time in the day lol and the mystery CAL has been my main priority atm. :) I'm excited to finish it. I love the basket, I remember my mom having one similar to it when I was growing up .. but I think she used it to hold pictures hehe.

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