Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kitty Knitter

This is Kyul. Kyul Rangi to be specific.

Kyul is 14 years old. She came to our household roughly 2 weeks after we were married in 1997.

She has been with us for a very long time.

Now usually, Kyul doesn't "hang out" with me too much because quite frankly, she is in love with the man. If she were human - I have a feeling she wouldn't like me very much... heck, she doesn't have to be human to not like me (as she's proven the last 14 years).

It isn't that she hates me - she just doesn't exactly prefer me over the man.

Well - she didn't prefer me until recently, specifically when I started to knit. She loves to watch me knit. Watching turns to tail swishing which turns to snapping at my needles like a piranha as they move.

When I finally stop thinking its cute, which seems to be shorter and shorter each time, she does what is pictured above: she weasels her way onto my lap and pushes my hands up. As I move my hands up, she lays out more... pushing my hands up. My hands were about 5 inches from my face when I decided to take the picture above. If you notice, her front legs are 2x4 straight and she is clearly pushing upwards into my arm.

I have never rated anywhere on this cat's radar but apparently, I rate higher than knitting.

Go me.


florencefrazier2002 said...

LOL  You have one too huh?  Very cute story and picture.  Mine attacks my yarn as I pull it from the skein and when I fuss at him he runs away only to creep back and try it again.

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