Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something Completely Different Saturday

No, this isn't some new "thing" I'm starting. This blog is meant to be primarily about crochet and sprinkled with some infos on other things I do, usually craft related.

Today I just wanted to give my followers a head's up that I am moving. Not the website - I'm physically moving into a different house. I just wanted people to know that things may slow down for the next two weeks but I am still here. I am not sure I'll get the flip flop tutorial done before I move but I am going to try. I don't know how long I'll be without internet at the new house either, although with my tech-self, I am sure it won't be too long.

I'm very excited for the move, including that we are picking up a 4th bedroom which will serve as my guest room/craft storage room. THAT is very exciting to any fiber artist. I am hoping to be able to set up my sewing machine on a more permanent basis rather than having to pull it out and put it back every time I use it (which is one reason I don't sew a whole lot.

The house, as far as square footage, is about the same as my current house, maybe a little bigger; however, the floor plan is MUCH better and we are gaining the same floor space in a downstairs living area too. A big yay for finished basements. So while the kitchen may be a wee bit smaller, we will be almost doubling our living space. That is seriously exciting!

In addition to a gorgeous well-lit house (contrast to my current living situation), we will be picking up a lovely back yard with garage.

The house isn't as big and fancy as the man wanted, but I'll tell ya - I am not a fan of super huge houses. This house will do just fine for us.

Of course, as it relates to this blog, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out the best way to move into the extra bedroom with my sewing machine and yarn. I'm thinking wall storage and a small desk for the sewing machine... and of course the closet. Or do I set it up in the bedroom? We will have a HUGE bedroom... oh I can't wait -

I must admit, that while I'm excited for the move in general and have given thought to furniture placement, kitchen layout, etc.... my mind is continually drifting back to 2 things: gaming/fitness room downstairs and where my yarn is going to go OH and a third thing - being able to take gorgeous outside photos of my finished works.

So, I hate putting out blogs without images, so I figured I'd step away from fiber arts and share a bit of other art. Not all of these are mine so I'll describe them..... OH - and I do believe all are for sale, so if you are interested in anything, just shoot me an email at creationsbycris (at) comcast (dot) net - even the stuff from my brother, I can always relay the information to him and get you the item.

First up is a plate set my brother did. The plates you see here are kinda brown with a blanket stitch around them. He drew, in ink, on a brown paper the images of Elvis and Marilyn and then affixed the paper in the bottom of the plate. I don't know if he plans to put something over the plate to seal it all in or not, but I'm sure that can be negotiated. The pictures are from a display during an art show.

This is a painting I did. It's acrylic and titled "High Mountains" (as named by my youngest). I believe it's 11x14 (currently in storage box) but I can always pull it out and check if you are interested.
(not for sale)

I love doing bright blue skies - there is just something happy about them to bring in the feeling of a crisp summer morning. Maybe that's all in my head - I dunno.

I tend to lean towards realism, landscapes in general; however, I do sometimes deviate from the norm. The Tree of Life painting, also in acrylic, was 16x20 I think (I don't remember) and now proudly hangs on my oldest daughters living room wall. She wanted it and when t went to the art show, I think she was secretly hoping it would not sell. And, it didn't. She walked out of there that night with it in hand as a gift from me to her. She loved it so much - how could I deny her?

I do have a fiber arts plan for the Tree of Life painting - provided I can ever get time to get started.

So to bring this "surprisingly long blog I had no idea existed in me until I started typing" post to an end - and to kinda bring it full circle *laughing* - what are your craft storage methods? Currently my yarn is in boxes, bags, and baskets - I'm ready for something creative, fun, practical, and nice.... if you have a link to a post you have done, showing off your stash storage, do share it (Mr Linky below) OR just leave a comment describing what you currently do.

(my sincerest apologies for using a meme name that isn't exactly what I'm doing... but for 1 mr. linky, I didn't want to upgrade membership to create my own meme name)


CrochetConcupiscence said...

A house with natural light and a room for crafting? Sounds perfect - congrats!

Lisa Mills said...

I don't think my storage methods are fun but they are kinda practical. I have 4 craft storage bins that fit on the bottom of my bookself, every other one is upside down b/c there isn't enough room for all the lids to be right next to each other. these bins are the large clear ones with blue lids that lock around the sides. JoAnns and Walmart have them. There really secure too, I have one that is half the size completely full with nailpolish, it weighs a TON lol and I can carry it around without the top coming off.

Then I have one of those as-seen-on-tv shoe organizers that has a clear zippered top and couple of handles on the sides that I keep under my bed. Four skeins of Caron Simply Soft fits perfectly in one shoe spot.

For projects that I'm currently working on I keep each one (with all its yarn) in those clear zippered bags that sheets and things come in. Supper easy to grab and go. For projects that are on hold that I have all the yarn for I put them in those as-seen-on-tv vacuum bags. I printed out the pattern to put in with the yarn. And one of these days I'll actually take the vacuum to them and then put them under the bed.

Wow that was a bit of a book lol Maybe I should copy it to my blog and add pictures. Hhhmmmm.... yeah not for a couple of weeks at least. =) Hope this helped.

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