Thursday, June 02, 2011

The best exposure is a happy daughter....

Yesterday started out relatively general in nature: we left the house for an early dinner at a little pizzaria a few blocks away. We always eat early on Wednesday because it's yarn group night. I finished my daughter's snood on Tuesday night so she was happy to wear it.

(side note: I don't know if I'll have my laptop back up to par from the virus in time to include her snood in a picture for tomorrow's FO Friday - I'm trying though!)

So at the restaurant, the waitress fell in love with the snood and ordered one... in red. On the spot I had no idea what to sell it for so I said 5$. I realize that as much as I detest working with thread, that was a bargain price; however, I figure she's a great waitress so no biggie. They'll be a little more the next time I sell one *laughs*

I was flattered and a wee bit embarrassed at that exchange though - but a sale is a sale... I just need to get over it.

Instead of going straight to yarn group, I have the joy of my daughter telling me she isn't feeling well (very specific but I won't go into details), so we go straight to priority care. The nurse gushed over the snood and how adorable my daughter was in it. Again... embarrassed when she complimented my work.

We were pretty much "in and out" as far as these sort of facilities are concerned, so I headed to yarn group.

After that, the night played out relatively normal excluding the hour driving around the city going from one pharmacy to a second because our regular pharmacy didn't have the medication we needed. *blah*

Hmmm I'm not too sure where I was going with this blog other than my daughter has no fear or shame in wearing something made for her. I'm pleased she is so willing to be a fashion-forward girl (and oh boy she LOVES fashion) - so I guess if I want to bring the 1850s back, the best move I made was to make my daughter a snood.

Of course, now I have a ball of red thread... knowing I don't like crocheting with thread *laughs* I guess it is one of those things I'll learn to love (right along with knitting *cackles*)

So, to my blog buddies I ask: Do you still get that slight flatter/embarrassed feeling when people gush over your work? How did you get over it?

AN ADDITION: I usually do not go back and edit a blog post; however, today I have decided to start a new blog. A more serious look at myself (although I promise humor will be had!) in an effort to achieve full self-actualization.... and I don't even think that's possible. But hey, self-analysis and reflection is fun, right?

If you are interested (and I don't think its for everyone, trust me!) feel free to pop over and check it out. Right now it only has an introductory post; however, I have several blogs regarding my weight loss journey that I'll be copying over from SparkPeople.

My Self-Actualization


Kat said...

I don't know that I get embarrassed but I do downplay because my crocheting isn't crap compared to other's I have seen. I'm much better than I was a year ago but not near up to par as many who have been doing it much longer than I have.

And I'm like you...I have no clue what to charge when people say they'll pay for it.

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