Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Ah - another Wednesday which means it is another list of things that I have yet to finish.

For the last couple weeks I have decided against going with my big list of things on the hook and only concentrate on talking about the primary item - the hot ticket item - the thing that needs to be finished first... which pretty much means that since deciding to do it this way, I've only talked about the basketweave baby blanket..... that is now finished.

So what is my hot ticket item, you may ask .... well, I can't tell you.

You see, my mother reads my blog occassionally and with Mother's Day looming, I am working on something special just for her. I cannot take a picture of it. I cannot type about what I'm doing or how much fun I'm having... or how fast it is working up and how I'm excited to see the look on her face when its done...

Nope - I can't talk about any of that.

Now Playing: I Love This Yarn - Ivory Tweed
(sounds like a song and a band name hehehe)
I can tell you that for this project I went back to what I love most - my favorite acrylic yarn in one of my most favorite colors.

So since I cannot talk specifically about my project, how about I talk about starting new projects in general.

I personally like a feeling of accomplishment. I think even non-crafters can appreciate this feeling: a big project at work gets finished, painting the living room a brand new color, - anything really where you set out with a goal in mind and accomplish the goal in a relatively acceptable amount of time. What crafting does, for me anyway, is expidite that feeling and allow me to have that feeling as many times as I wish. I can have that feeling of accomplishment quickly if I hook out a set of coasters or take my time and really relish in the feeling after completing something large like an afghan.

So get somewhat back on track to starting a new project - there is something to be said of the feeling I get when the first loop is put on the hook, the first chain is completed - and from there I can see my work efforts grow until goal is achieved, the last tail is weaved in.

I think most of this stems from the idea I know someone, somewhere is going to enjoy the work. It took a long time for me to be comfortable with giving a handmade item as a gift - and in some cases, I still struggle. My crochet is not one of those areas (usually). When I am not making gifts, I crochet for charity, which I encourage everyone who can crochet to do. Something can be said for putting a smile on someone else's face be it through a gift to a specific person or a box of scarves being given to people who genuinely need the warmth and knowledge that someone out there really cares.

I am glad to have started this project for my mother. I do think she will enjoy it and she will appreciate everything put into each stitch -


If you are interested in reading what other people have on the hook/needle, visit Tami's Amis link party for WIP Wednesday.


As much as I hate to ask - do leave some feedback on the new comment system, even if you hate it. I want to make sure this is a community-friendly blog. I want to get to know folks :) It is hard to do that when we cannot freely reply to one another via comments.


Tink said...

Woo! Disqus! As you might be able to tell, I like Disqus as a comment system. It's so superior to the Blogger default!

I love working on Super Seekrit projects, but I share your frustration, it's so annoying not being able to blog freely about it just in case they see...

Karen said...

Secret knitting is always exciting. I bet your mother will love it.

Carole said...

I agree that there is nothing quite like starting (and finishing) a new project especially when it's a gift for someone special.

LyndaGrace said...

I am curious to know why you felt uncomfortable about giving a handmade item as a gift. I often feel that way because I think it's not perfect enough. I also wonder if the recipient really really means it when they say "Oh I love it!" or are they just being polite?
Talk about an insecure knitter/crocheter huh?

Cris said...

My discomfort is usually surrounding my paintings. I rarely rarely RARELY give them as a gift because I feel that I am not talented enough, its not good enough, they are just saying they like even though on the inside they are cringing.... Very much what you wrote. My crochet I'm more confident with but I've been doing it for so long I think I can go auto-pilot most days. When I'm apprehensive with crochet, it's usually because I'm not sure if the person reallywants what I have made.

Cris said...

I'm really struggling with enjoying the Disqus - it seems that when I use it, my page is refreshing all the time... it takes longer to get and make a comment than the other system. BUT I love the reply feature... I hate having someone ask me a question and me having no way to answer them back (ie no email provided to the blogger profile)....

As for the crochet - I'm really enjoying it and I am eager to give it to her and its only about half done LOL I'll be working on it tonight at my very first fiber artist gettogether! (super excited about that too!)

Carol Hughes said...

I find it depends on who i'm giving the gift to as to wether or not I'll be bervous about it! Some people I know are just going to love it no matter what :-)

I'm sure you're mum will love whatever the secret project is :-D

Summerysmile said...

I have thought about why I am so addicted to crochet and I too believe it is the feeling of accomplishment I get from the completed project.

Affiknitty said...

I love that feeling of casting on, and finishing up too. You've described it well.

Marushka said...

Oh good grief, Mother's Day is just a month away. I haven't even started thinking about Easter yet. Sigh. I made my mother a shawl in March so I hope she won't mind a gift certificate for Mother's Day.

I love starting new things, too, especially when I get to that spot where the project "clicks" for me and I can see how the pattern's working & how it's going to shape up. Finishing is very good, too!

cheriquitecontrary said...

Thanks for the tip on my stitch gauging problems - I will try it!

Tami said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE 'I Love this Yarn'! It's my favorite acrylic, too. I'm working on a mother's day gift (the ripple blanket), which she'll see on the blog, but doesn't know it's for her. :)

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