Wednesday, April 06, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hello, dear readers and friends.

Last week I did not get a chance to put a list of my works in progress (WIPs) because it was knitting and crochet blog week - which is ok... and I had a blast doing it. I hope everyone enjoyed that week as a blogger, reader, or both.

But with that said, this space is explicitely reserved for my WIPs. Like always, I have a lot of WIPs going at one time; however, the last week my focus has been in one project and one project alone: the baby blanket.

Many of you may remember the history of this blanket... a skein to partial bobble blanket with lots of frustration turned wadded up pile of frogged yarn turned basketweave.... a true Hallmark made for TV movie right there.

the epic basketweave baby blanket
Well, I'm almost done with it! I contemplated taking a newer photo this morning showing all my progress but I think I would rather leave you all in suspense, in hopes that I finish the last pass of the basketweave pattern tonight along with the edging (which I have yet to decide upon!) - all just in time to post it in my "Finally Finished" post this week.

My big push has come in the last two weeks mostly because my friend's wife is due in the next few weeks! Nothing like a baby to solidify the idea of a deadline. *chuckles*

I know a lot of people can crochet out a baby blanket in a matter of one or two nights. Unfortunately, I am not granted the time I would like to set aside for crochet - but that's ok! I get enough to eventually finish projects and that is all that matters to me.

So, my friends, my question to you at the end of this post is: what is your favorite edging? what edging would you suggest for this blanket?

EDIT: Marjorie left a couple great suggestions in the comments and I realized I left out something very important: we have no idea what the gender of the baby will be. My friend and his wife opted to not find out and leave it to be a surprise. I tried to convince them to have the sonographer call me to let me know, but for some reason, they didn't like that idea. *smiles*

EDIT #2: As a side note, I'm trying to make my blog a bit more user friendly and community driven. The first order of business is to get the ability to reply to comments (and send notification of replies!). I'm currently fiddling with disqus and would love any feedback you have on it. I want this to be a friendly, interactive place so everyone has some say-so on the matter. Thanks and I do apologize for all the modifications!


If you like reading about what people have on their hooks and needles, I'd suggest going over to Tami's Amis blog and checking out the WIPs posted by other people.


Crystal Porter said...

(testing comments)

Marjorie Jones said...

I have two favorite edgings for baby blankets. For baby girls, I love to use the shell edging, and for baby boys - the reverse single crochet. I don't know what edging to suggest for this lovely basket weave pattern blanket you're making, other than to keep it fairly simple so as to emphasize the lovely stitch work.

Cris said...

Oh - great suggestions! I edited the main post because you bring up a very valid question.... gender! They opted to not find out the gender of the baby so that is why I had to go pastel green -

CrochetConcupiscence said...

I use the shell stitch as the edging for almost everything that I make. However, for this particular pattern it might be better to use an alternating pattern of fpdc and bpdc to go along with the texture of the piece.

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