Monday, April 25, 2011

Crochet Content

Hello, everyone!

It has been a few since I updated my blog with anything and today will be no different. I don't technically have an update, but I do have a question... perhaps more like an idea I'd like to run by you all.

I was just having a conversation with a co-worker via email about crochet. She brought up showing her three younger cousins how to crochet - and they are lefties. She said it was hard doing everything as a mirror image to what she was used to. She even said that later that night, she had to put her crochet down because she had confused herself with trying to show them how to crochet backwards.

So - is this the case? Is left-handed crochet only a mirror image of right-handed?

Obviously, from my videos, I am a right-handed crocheter, but my thoughts are this: if left-handed is nothing more than a mirror image, I could "flip" my current crochet videos and provide a right- and left- version of whatever I am demonstrating. I have the software to do it, I just never thought to do it before.

I know there are a few people on YouTube who already do this, - do you think it's tasteless to "mimic" what they are doing just in my own videos? Obviously, I am building my own video library here, so it makes sense to just do it.

I'm just struggling with 1) is left-handed crochet truly a mirror image of right-handed and 2) is it tacky to just flip a video and 3) would I be a copy cat?

I'd appreciate your input on this.


Carol Hughes said...

I don't think it is tacky as long as it helps left handed people learn!! And I also wouldn't say its copying as unless you magically became left handed there is no other way for you to do it and im sure you have your own style etc!! As for the mirror image thing im afraid I have no clue as not only am i not left handed I can't actually crochet :-P

CrochetConcupiscence said...

Ooh - what a great question! I don't have a great answer to share (my mind has trouble flipping images at all - just one of those things that my brain can't make sense of) but my two cents is that there wouldn't be anything tacky or copycat about that since it's helpful and relies on your own videos rather than smoeone else's.

Kat said...

I am not much help to you either, but the girl who cut my hair at Christmas time when I went home was complaining about being a lefty and not much content out there to help her learn, as she wanted to learn bad. I think it's a good idea if you can do it. :o)

fug zilla said...

I think it would be fine. How else can you teach lefties to crochet? My middle daughter is a lefty with club thumbs. I struggle to try to crochet left-handed while trying to teach her. I honestly wish I had thought of just making a video and flipping it for her. I think whether left-handed crochet is really a mirror image would depend on the person. Think of how some lefties hold their pencils when they write. Some do the whole hook-hand thing, while others (Like my DH) hold their pencils the same as right-handed writers. Even right handed crocheters may do it slightly different from one another. I hold my hook weird (I was taught to crochet this way) compared to most, but the main thing you are wanting to demonstrate is where to stick the hook through which loop, right?? I think the actual crochet work would definitely be an exact mirror image of right-handed crochet. I would go for it. :-)

Raymonde said...

I've always been able to teach left handed people to crochet by sitting in front of them and telling them to do the same thing I was doing! So yes, you could either flip your video or sit in front of the camera when you're demonstrating a stitch or technique. I swear it works!

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