Thursday, April 14, 2011

At Last - Crochet Comradery

Comradery is not something I had every experienced before when it came to my crochet habit. As a small girl, crocheting, or any fiber craft, was not exactly something people were lining up to do. I had a unique advantage in that my family participated in Civil War Re-enactments; however, while that would have been a prime opportunity to craft with others older, but crafters nonetheless, I spent my time running around riding horses, playing powder monkey to my dad's cannon crew, and gambling with my fake confederate dollars.

Fast forward to college.... mmm perhaps a little more.

As an adult I have crocheted but mostly at night and on my own. A few times I had looked for a group of fiber artists and never had any luck. I conceded that if I wanted to be in a group, I'd have to create one and most likely be in it by myself for a rather long time... and I was already doing that in my living room.

I have been a member of Ravelry for a while now; however, I must admit that I did not use the groups and forums as much as I could have/should have/do now. I happened upon a group that has weekly meet ups at a local store.

Needless to say, I am very excited to say that I went to my very first fiber artists meetup last night.

I was a little worried at first that it would be awkward considering I knew no one and that I had my children in tow. Granted, my daughter chose to take her loom knitting with her and my son was obligated to finish his homework quietly. While I felt a bit awkward as I approached the table, it only took a couple warm smiles and an offer to draw up a chair to break the ice.

It was a great night. I had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed meeting all the ladies and the gentleman. (and I got 4 rows done on the super-secret mother's day gift).

I do think this is going to be a healthy step forward with my crochet. One thing I have lost as an adult is having people to go to when I'm in a lurch or to learn about new stitches or patterns. I'm excited to be able to have people to bounce ideas off of and get direction from. As a child I had my mother and grandmother and other people in the family that crafted. As an adult, I don't have that anymore... I have become that person to my children and other people looking to learn.

While I was hoping to see more crocheters than there were, I definitely will be going back.


cheriquitecontrary said...

I've noticed a "group" of ladies at the local yarn store too and they've invited me to come but I'm hesitant.....hate not knowing anyone. Looked on Ravelry and that store has a group with 1100 members. Yowza! Who knew! Maybe when I get back to driving (if my pain ever lessens back down to managable levels), I will venture out and try it. Not too many crocheters, though. Mostly knitters. I'm also afraid to sit around all that fabulous yarn too long...hope I'm good! lol

Julie said...

Sounds like a lovely evening! I go to a "sit and stitch" group when I can, and I agree it is fun to share your crafting with others. Hope it's the start of some new friendships and fun for you!

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