Monday, November 21, 2011

[FOTH] November 21, 2011

This is a video family I have joined on YouTube. All the lovely crocheters share their finished works via video. I figured I'd post the first few on my blog and if my blog readers (not YT followers) prefer I do not post them, then please do leave a comment. I'm still undecided if I should post them on my blog or leave them specific for people who want to follow me on YouTube.

In order to see the whole list of people who are participating in fresh off the hook (FOTH), you'll have to click through to YouTube and then expand the notes area for the video.


florencefrazier2002 said...

Love your FOTH video!  You can crochet cotton bath mats!  Those are so nice.  Maybe a body scrubber made with tulle instead of netting?  So it will be nice enough to scrub your body with.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kat said...

That was really cool Cris! I enjoyed it. I couldn't do it, I would be fumbling my words. Great job!!

Kat said...

Ok Cris......I am now addicted to FOTH on you

CrochetBlogger said...

I love your video post. I'll definitely have to check out more FOTH.

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