Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yarn Karma

Last night a friend of mine and his wife stopped by the house because she wanted to learn to knit. Of course, I had no problem obliging - taking up knitting or crocheting, in my opinion, is an exciting adventure and I'm more than willing to help anyone learn.

So she and I sat there - I loaned her some size 8 straight needles and a small ball of yarn to practice. She cast on slowly then got faster, then moved into a couple rows of knit - then finished with casting off her small piece of work. The excitement was all over her face.

I decided at that moment to help her along. I took a small basket (similar to the one that's appeared in many photos on the blog), put a skein of cotton in it, tossed in her small ball of yarn, and put in a tapestry needle. In addition to that, I put some needle caps on those size 8 needles and told her it was hers. She was thrilled with my gift to her new craft.

After they left, the man looked at me and asked "you gave yarn away?"

I know - that kinda shocked me too. Perhaps I got caught up in the moment. Giving yarn away is not something I tend to do... at least not my OWN yarn. I have bought yarn for someone - but that's different than going to my stash and taking my own yarn and giving it away. Weird logic, I know.

So when the shock wore off the man's face, he laughed and said "It'll pay itself back 10 fold." We had a good laugh, calling it yarn karma.

Well - I am here to tell you folks yarn karma is real!

Last night is when I gave my yarn away - 1 skein and a ball.

Today, a friend stopped by my desk at work with a small gift of beaded icicle tree ornaments (they are adorable - I LOVE THEM, T!) ... and a bag - with a small scarf she made on a loom for my daughter AND a skein of the purple fuzzy yarn she used.... and a ball of yarn - with 2 strands of 2 different purple yarns. So technically, she gave me 1 skein and 2 balls of yarn....

Yarn Karma.

It's real.


Rachel M said...

Congrats on your wonderful Yarn Karma :o)

florencefrazier2002 said...

How neat is that?!  I will be teaching a co-worker to knit soon!

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