Saturday, November 05, 2011

Remembering my Dad and One Handed Crochet

I wasn't even sure that I would blog today; however, a question on Crochetville inspired me to sit down and try something new - something inspired by memories of my dad and wanting to help out a fellow crocheter.

It's a 16 minute video - my hair is wet, my face is fat, but it turned out a'right in my book. *smiles*


Hannah Kwinski said...

You worked that out really quickly! A great job for just spending the morning figuring it out. And a nice tribute to your dad too.

Cris said...

Dad was an inspiring guy :) All it took was a little holding the hook out and a few trial and errors. Hopefully it'll let people know that even with one hand you can still do something like crochet. If my dad were still alive, all you'd have to do is ask him if anything is impossible for him - and he'd say no.

florencefrazier2002 said...

Your Dad sounds like he was a wonderful person, and determined too.  You did a wonderful thing!!!  I'm sure there are lots of people out there that will appreciate your hard work!

Cris said...

My dad was an amazing, loving man. I am blessed to have had a man like that to call my dad. I am sure that anyone with a disability who is determined to do something will do it - it's just a matter of working around it. I know my dad couldn't use this method simply because he couldn't hold his arm down and put force against the hook - but I know if he wanted to, he would have crocheted with the best of them.

Monica_smiles said...

I just became a member of Crochetville today. I posted because I am new to crochet and need help and I saw the request that was made for help for the young girl. I clicked on it and then came here to see your wonderful, moving video because I too had a disastrous, life changing car accident through the unfortunate actions of a texting while driving 80 MPH college student late for class. I have struggled for years with this life altering event, and unfortunately I hit a downward spiral I never knew was possible. I have been pulling myself out of that the past few months, only to see the effects of devastating destruction that my chronic pain and depression has caused my family.

It's people like you and your dad that can make a difference in others lives when they loose themselves to a tragic event. Thank you for putting yourself out there to reach and help a person find a way to do what they want no matter what the circumstances. Wet hair and all, your video is wonderful!     

~~smiles, Monica

Cris said...

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words - I don't know if I'm so inspirational but I know my dad figured out a lot in his life, around his physical disability - and I tell you, I hate using that word... he may have had a physical disability but he definitely wasn't disabled at doing anything. Ask my husband about my dad's golf game *laughs* (he actually had a trophy for his hole in one during a tournament!)

I think we are all handed our "deck" and those cards change as we move through life - the only thing we can control is our response. I feel blessed for what I have been given and know the good Lord won't give me more than what I can handle (regardless of what I feel at the time).

I wish you the best with coming back from your tragic event - if you ever want to sit and talk, let me know - we can skype or find a chat room somewhere... or I can reload my yahoo messenger *smiles* I'll gladly listen
~ c

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