Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Y is for Young

I know you are looking at this and thinking "Y, Cris... you are still at Y? This meme is over!"

Well, I know I'm a couple weeks behind. I would like to throw out my schedule but I know I'm not the only busy person in the universe, so I will digress and just get the Y post over with so I can move on to Z *laughs*

Hmmm maybe you could look at it as I am extending a fun meme :P

So what in the world does the word young have to do with crochet?

I am going to say that crochet helps keep you young. Yup - I believe it.

Ok, it may not stop you physically from aging, but I do think crochet offers benefits to people to assist with physical and mental well-being that helps keep the mind alert and the fingers nimble. All it takes is a quick search on Google News to get a list of people well into their 90s and 100s helping others through crochet. I have known several elderly people who crochet and they always seem to have aged better than their counterparts.

I know I'll be crocheting my entire life - from age 5 to whenever the good Lord calls me home. Could it be an influence to my life and how I lived it? Can I attribute some of my good health to crochet? I know the stress and anxiety relief it offers when I'm moving towards a panic attack. I would like to think it has stimulated me mentally and allowed me to grow intellectually beyond if I had not crocheted and I would like to think it has offered some to my general good health.

So, what do you think?


vikki hooks said...

I think you are right..I find that I relax more, listen more, and love more when I am crocheting..I think about the person who will enjoy whatever I am making, I don't watch tv, I listen, so when someone speaks to me while I am crocheting I actually listen, I feel good when I am creating something..I am content.  Have a good week

florencefrazier2002 said...

Definitely!  It helps to keep arthritic hands nimble and is a definite stress reliever for me!

Susand1408 Crochet Addict said...

I think crochet can save lives!  I have cfs and crocheting has meant that i keep the function in my hands.  I had lost all feeling in my hands, I just had pins and needles constantly.  I can't count the amount of glasses I dropped.  I found a few sites recommending crochet or knitting.  Knitting stresses me out so hence I learnt to crochet.  I now have the feelings back in my hands and have found my purpose in life. 

Cris said...

That is amazing! I am so thankful you have found something to reverse the effect of cfs - have you talked to Kathryn at Crochet Concupiscense? I think she is writing a book about the health benefits of crochet. How awesome!

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