Sunday, October 02, 2011

Year of Projects: Week 14

Project Percentage Complete: 56%
Overall Percentage Complete: 58%

Number of Project Items: 27
Number of Added Items: 23
Total Items: 50

Boy oh boy what a week. I spent the first half of my evenings making sure that all my homework was done. I enjoyed the luxury last week of having it done early and the rest of the week to work on whatever I liked. I'm glad I did that because I had to work a couple evenings for my regular job. So - that means I didn't get to crochet as much as I would have liked. Oh well - I still feel relatively accomplished with it.

My percentages went up a little because I finished two more pair of the paperclip ice skates. As small as those are, they surprisingly take a bit to make - approximately 30 minutes per pair.

I am continuing to work on the scarf and poncho that I talked about earlier this week. I am also pushing right along with some Halloween specific patterns.  I did get a crochet tutorial done for the easy shells pattern and you should be seeing that posted on the blog tomorrow. If you are eager, you can head over to my YouTube channel and watch it now. (link in the right column)

 I did have a great day with "the girls" on Saturday. The girls are some of the gals from the Wednesday yarn group that I attend. If you remember me blogging about finding the group, I had no idea that these ladies would turn into "the girls" for me. I'm really glad I found out about the group. They go out on these little outings and this was my first one. We met up at a small cafe for lunch and then drove out to the community college for a craft/art fair geared towards women and diversity. It was really fun. It was good hanging out and having a few laughs. I came away with a gorgeous cloth-covered vase, a henna tattooed hand, and a uhm.... item of birth control that is given out by high school student nurses *laughs*Don't ask - hehehehe

Anywhoozles - I shall leave you now with the detail of my projects. In the spirit of needing to post a picture, even though its not related, I leave you with my daughter who is excited to be learning math that no one else in her class knows (yes, she asks me to teach her stuff she doesn't know and is not being taught in the classroom - chip off the old math nerd block!).

Have a great day, everyone!

Project List Items (not complete)
- Filet Market Bag
- Lacet Table Runner [...started...]
- Throw for living room sofa (no pattern selected yet)
- Round Afghan/Throw (potential Christmas present)
- Angel Tree Topper
- Poncho (Christmas gift) [...25%...]
- 4 pair Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas gift)
- 2 sets Golf Club Covers (no numbers) - (Christmas gifts)

Project List Items (done)
- 3 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (personal use)
- 11 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas)
- Easy Cabled Scarf

Added Items (not complete)
- Wristlet Bag (adjusting pattern) [...65%...]
- EnviroTote Market Bag #4 [90% complete]... I really need to line this and get it off the list!
- Angel Hair scarf [...75%...]
- 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
- 4 thread crochet coasters 

Added Items (done)
- Wristlet Bag (making my own pattern)
- Mystery CAL Beach Bag
- 5 Knit Washcloth
- 3 Crochet Dishcloth
- 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
- Ear Bud "purse"
- WW Yarn Runner for  ledge

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Ruthmckeown said...

Your making great progress with your list and its great to see the percentages go up. How cute is your daughter. My son is a real math nerd to and at 8 did secondary level math lol. Good for your daughter.

Faith said...

I like your percentages, I fear if I did that it would scare me! I have my list and then I have the things in my head I intend to add to the list and then I also have the things that I am also doing which aren't on a list at all.....oh dear, disorganisation.....ah well, I plod on. Hope you get all you need to get done sorted out in the next week!

CrochetBlogger said...

So awesome that you found a group that you really enjoy like that!

Liz said...

Sounds like you had a great time yesterday! 

Kate said...

Great daughter! You always seem to find a few extra hours to fit stuff into, and make it look so easy!

Cris said...

Thanks - odd you say that because I always feel like I'm scurrying around and never have enough time to do anything *laughs* I try to get it all in though!

Cris said...

Oh, it was a blast - those ladies have no idea how much I appreciate them and their time. They are all amazing (and funny to boot)

Cris said...

I really am blessed in that. They are a great group!

Cris said...

I always dread the percentages when I start getting willy-nilly with adding things *laughs* But so far, they are looking pretty good. There are a couple items I may have to put off to birthday presents rather than Christmas, but I figured something like that would happen considering the semester I'm having.

Cris said...

I love seeing those percentages go up :) Brava to your son! Sadly, advanced mathematics seems to be lost here so I'm thrilled to be able to offer lessons up to my kids when they are looking for something new.

Kepanie said...

Well, oh wow!  Look at that young math wiz you've got!  Kudos to her.
Good for you on gettin' out w/the homegirls and havin' some fun.

MindingMyOwnStiches said...

How nice to have found a group with whom you're comfortable to chum around with! Things are twice as nice when you can share it with friends!

A little bit sheepish said...

Crafting groups are awesome, I really think mine have helped me stay sane through university!

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