Saturday, October 29, 2011

Surprising Sales

I have never done a craft fair before.... and in all honesty I still have yet to do one BUT my crocheted items made their debut yesterday.

So let's back up a little bit.

I have wanted to try doing a craft fair, I really have, but unfortunately my time restrictions are just too insane, especially this semester. I have a few friends who do them and do really well selling their crafted goods. Weirdly enough, these are not the same friends that know I'm relatively crafty - odd, eh? I figure when they are showing me stuff, they aren't looking for me to talk about what I do - they are simply wanting feedback on their crafty goodness....

but I digress.

So somehow, in the last few months, one of my friends who does craft fairs found out about the hidden crochet inside of me. She offered that if I had anything I'd like to send along, I could - she'd have no problem displaying my pieces. I thanked her politely and thought nothing more of it.

Fast forward to a few days ago - Where we work hosts a holiday craft festival at the end of October. So I happened into my craft room (like that doesn't happen daily *cackles*) and realized I had a box with several scarves in it that I really hadn't any plan for. It was then I thought I'd take them to my friend and offer for her to display them for me. I offered half the table fee and she insisted no - that I could barter with her: my goods selling on her table at no extra cost for my helping her get an Etsy store set up (banners, etc).

Anywhoozles, it was a little exciting sitting at work today knowing she was downstairs, with my scarves on her table.... and people were looking at them! I think it was good that I was not sitting there because I usually get nervous and act all weird and get really talkative - mostly because I don't want people thinking I'm overpricing things or that I have no talent and shouldn't be selling anything (personal demon, don't ask)

1st scarf to sell
Around 11 she had texted me and said she sold a scarf. I was EXCITED! The first scarf to sell was the scarf I originally began making for the man. Remember it? I thought the colors were masculine enough but after he saw it, he said it looked a bit too girly - the white halo of fiber is what I think he was referring to because the last I checked, brown and grey were "guy colors."

In the early afternoon, someone came up and asked me about the smaller of the scarves and if she could get it in different colors... of course, I replied - and I walked away with an order for that. And to top it off, when my friend brought my stuff to me at the end of the craft show, a coworker bought another scarf.

I'm pretty stoked, to say the least!

2nd scarf to sell
It's exciting that people would be interested in something that I made.

I was pretty surprised too because when I walked around, I think mine were the only scarves. I could have swore there would have been more - but nope, mine were the only ones.

So, I ended up with a pretty satisfied feeling after that and another offer to set items on the table in two weeks. If I do that one, I'm sure I'm going to pay my friend something. Those tables aren't cheap!


florencefrazier2002 said...

How exciting!!!  I'm so happy for you!  I think it's wonderful that your work does something like that. 

Cris said...

Thanks! I really was a bit surprised by it. I thought that because they weren't a craft (in the sense of ll, halloween decoration, or Christmas related) that they wouldn't sell.... but it was exciting! :)

vikki hooks said...

good for you...I do one craft show a year and I keep the same booth spot.  People know where I am that way..I do quite well..I know how you feel about maybe maybe not pricing them right, or that feeling your stuff isn't good enough..I think that is what we all do, because we can make it and therefore we probably wouldn't buy it in the first place.  Congrats!!

CrochetBlogger said...

Congratulations on the sales! I've often wondered about the possibility of putting my stuff on someone else's table at various craft fairs but never pursued the option.

gail marie said...

Good for you!

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